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  • adonis10032 adonis10032 Aug 15, 2010 12:37 AM Flag

    The black community on Nov, 6, 2012...

    Slumberpart...and all you other racist pos aho-les my goodness you are so ignorant and irrelevant it is the year 2010 and racist b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s like you stil exist spewing all of this anti-american racism instead of focusing on making this a better world aholes like you and your fellow degenrates focus on lies!!! He is a muslim?? You pigs ranted about him being in the honorable jeremiah wright's church for 20 years or so, i might add that his church is "christian" but you say he is a muslim????? Huh??? The 2 dont mix one does not spend 20 years in a christian church when he is a muslim!!! What stupid pos you guys are!!! Also even if he was so what!!!! What bearing does that have to do with whether he can be president???? You are blinded by your racist views and when mr. Barack wins a second term in 2012 pigs like you and your racist friends can go to hell!!! You trailer park trash losers!!!!

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