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  • yzerman19wingnut yzerman19wingnut Aug 31, 2010 7:26 AM Flag

    Too many close calls with Obama

    The two Terrorists who tried a dry run on the Chicago to Amsterdam is yet another piece of evidence as to how ineffective Obama is to stopping terror.

    Chrismas Day Bomber
    Detroit Bomber
    Chicago to Amsterdam Practice run bombers
    Ft. Hood Shooter
    and others

    How many of these are we going to have before the apologizer in chief actually starts calling them terrorists? Overseas contingency operations and man caused disaster??????

    No it's called war and the islamic extremists have declared jihad. im not so sure who's side our president is on.

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    • Fewer taxes?, you REALLY just don't get it.

      Yes, the 2 reasons you mention are the reasons why company's move but your solution is ridiculous...that's like drilling another hole in the bottom of a boat to let incoming water, out...LMAO!

      You REALLY do want slavery in America, don't you?

      Riddle me this, Con boy, if your "lower taxes" ideology had ANY merit WHATSOEVER, why are we in this recession again? Bush tax cuts went into effect in 2003...Reagan cut taxes (while ALSO balooning the deficit) in 1981, too. If taxes were as high as 71% in 1970...PLEASE tell me why have we had ANY recessions and why aren't we all living in paradise, like the GOP promised we would if we did that?
      This should be interesting...LOL.

    • I agree that we need to get our manufacturing sector back but passing punitive legislation like cap and trade will only worsen the situation.

      We don't need tariffs on imports. We need a less tax burdensome home for the businesses. Raising tariffs will only increase the cost of goods. They get passed onto the consumer.

      Two biggest reasons companies go overseas.

      1. Taxes
      2. Labor costs

      and number two is traced directly back to the unions. if i ever do start a business my company will never go union. i won't permit it.

    • Nice attaempt to frame the dabte to suit your stupidity.

      First, if we want to get our Manufacturing sector back, we need to set tariffs on ALL foreign imports...PERIOD. A service economy, like we have now, is unsustainable...PERIOD.

      So, if we set tarrifs and invest in alternative fuels (which, combined, will create MORE jobs), who cares how much gas will be since we may not need it as much further on down the road?
      Honestly, to me, Cap and trade isn't a great idea but it is at least a start for getting us headed in the right direction and AWAY from foreign oil dependency.

    • What do you mean good? Do you honestly want the price of gas to go up to $8 a gallon?

      If so tell me what you think high prices of gas will do to the economy. What will it do to the overall cost of goods? Then tell me what that will do to the job market.

      Also if we pass cap and trade more jobs will ship over to china where there's more loose regulations. That translates into more job losses.

      Nevermind what happened the last time gas prices jumped up to $4. We saw home foreclosures skyrocket and defaults jump. I suppose you want more disaster and less recovery.

    • I don't think that at all..again labelling people and making stupid assumptions based on the fact I TOTALLY disagree with your stupidity.

      ...but I DO think if you make money in this country you should pay a proportional tax since YOU benefitted from the infrastructure of this GREAT Country.

      THAT is not Marxism, that IS Capitalism ... read some Adam Smith, Mister FreedomWorks, so you can see how old Dickey boy is pulling your chain and feasting on the ignorant.

    • Good...then we can FINALLY rid ourselves of that dependence on foreign oil that benefits foreign oil barons who more than likely contribute to terrorist organizations that want to destroy our way of life ... you know, I welcome such a thing!
      I see you don't mind doesn't bother you one bit that the money WE spend on gas, oil, etc. goes to the same people who are trying to attack us all the time.
      Hypocrite? Or idiot? which is it?

    • LOL!!!!

      well gas prices will go up to $6 to $8 a gallon if they pass the cap and trade bill.

      perhaps bread wont be the first one to skyrocket but the bread does have to get from point a to point b. and if they keep devaluing the dollar we might just achieve that within our lifetimes.

    • It isn't going to take a wheelbarrow full of money. State controlled prices well keep it affordable......but make sure you are one of the first 50 people in line before it is sold out.

    • if you think it's constitutional to take what i have earned (theft) and hand it out to those who have not earned it you are both ignorant of our constitution and doomed to repeat the failures of Marxism.

      it failed in the Soviet Union but of course your political ideas support Soviet style economies. just dont complain when you wake up to find out its going to take a wheelbarrel full of cash to buy a loaf of bread.

      why is it that you think you can impose through laziness these job killing and economically disasterous policies on all of us in the majority who do not want it?

    • A DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC isn't a "let's do what's popular as we go" concept, you fricken idiot.

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