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  • crawdaddy39 crawdaddy39 Sep 7, 2010 4:44 PM Flag

    How are Republican's going to fix the problems they started...

    I hear your pain, but you didn't post a solution. My initial question was what are the Republicans going to do to get the US out of the fix they created?

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    • the company I work has been buying essential supplies only, making due with what we have equipment wise. Taxing the rich"" (the owners of my company) is O'bama's big answer.Well If I was the owner of my company I would hold onto the cash too it maybe needed to pay those taxes. let me see taxes or buy new equipment, hiring people, expanding our buisness which way should it go.The trical down is ennormous.Obama already is starting to sound like a Republican. He can read the writing on the wall. The Dems have showed there true colors and will recieve there fate in November.

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      • cfd1999 first things first: learn to spell and get a handle on sentence structure.

        We already know that keeping the top 2% of tax cuts will only cost 3.4 Trillion dollars and provide very little job creation. Trickle down never has worked.

        A job creating bill to give tax cuts on hiring and 100% on capital improvements has been proposed by President Obama. Fully paid for is what I'm hearing on CNBC. Will Republicans get behind that kind of help for business and create jobs bill or will they filibuster it too.

        Everyone will see where the problem is if they don't get behind it.

      • Uhm, what do you think they've BEEN doing when taxes have ALREADY been low? Isn't "trickle- down" Reaganomics supposed to TRICKLE-DOWN and not supposed to be an impetus to HOLD or keep PROFITS JUST FOR THEMSELVESLIKE THEY HAVE BEEN SINCE 1980?
        I guess that explains Greenspan's admission to Congress that his "ideology was flawed", huh?
        Wow, are you supremely ignorant and gullibly foolish.

      • Why is it that these right-wingers can never spell? Is it indicative of their limited educations and/or learning abilities? Just wondering.

    • You won't get a response...this isn't about fixing ANY problems, its about getting Conservatives back in power so they can profit at the taxpayers expense like they ALWAYS do...then, everything will get worse...then the voters will blame the GOP and vote the DEMs back in and we'll go through this crap ALL OVER AGAIN every election cycle.
      That's how its ALWAYS been...American voters are THAT stupid.

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      • I love southerners but I hate their politics. They vote against their interest as long as the politicians wrap themselves in flags, hold the bible in one hand bash the gays and illegals hypocritically as we know the case with few of them.

      • there's easy ways of fixing the problems.

        reduce government spending
        cut down on government red tape
        reduce taxes which in turn will increase government monies.
        incentivize job growth by releasing companies from punitive government regulations that deter job growth.

        its pretty simple. kennedy did it and it worked. bush did the tax cut part but forgot to decrease government spending so it didnt work. you can't decrease taxes AND increase government expenses. that doesn't work. we know that, we told the republicans that and they ignored it.......but i think fiscal conservatives have the ear of the republican party this time. if they listen they will succeed if they don't they will be replaced again. but the current democrat plan is making things worse not better. so yes there's a plan. just because you don't read history to find out what works and what doesn't isn't my fault.

    • Your a dope. IGNORE

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