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  • MAllen1998 MAllen1998 Sep 9, 2010 9:55 AM Flag


    I don't think a lot of people fully realize just how cash strapped BP really is..
    They SPENT more than they made in profits already on this mess.

    Companies like that do not retain previous year(s) profits and just keep them under their mattress.

    When something like this happens, they don't have $30-$40 billion sitting there in petty cash they can meet head on. They have to liquidate!

    P is doing just that. That is why even the $20 Billion for the Spill trust fund is being paid in installments..
    Never mind the $8 billion or so they already spent in the clean up effort.

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    • These companies are always cash strapped. Yes-No, its kind of a game. They can handle the cost, but surely don't want to. Politics is a big problem.

      They are selling assets to protect them from being levied. All those assets are owned to create profit. You don't own something that doesn't have a profit outlook.

      This company is being milked. I'm not saying they shouldn't pay for the problems they created, they should. But lets look at Goldman, Lehman, Bear, Fannie, Freddie and all the other companies that Clinton and Company used to create one of the Worlds biggest problems, Why do they not have to surrender Cost's for Damages.

      It's a Political form of Extortion from the left. And that's what this president is. A Left-Fascist.

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