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  • Vaalie60 Vaalie60 Oct 1, 2010 1:01 PM Flag

    GOP gains seats in Nov. Dem's get back in, in 2012

    Just the facts, man!

    The US GAINED 23 million jobs during the Clinton 8 years.

    The US LOST 3 million jobs (tax cuts and all) from year end 2000 to year end 2009 (the Bush 8 years plus 1 year of the Bush Great Recession).

    Show me again where tax cuts produce jobs?

    For the chart, go to FRED. Then click on view data for the data.

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    • So, you are against tax cuts? Then I take it that you are OK with tax INCRASES. HOW much MORE in taxes are YOU willing to which point is there equilibrium? cuts do work, when they are combines with REDUCED/RESTRAINED SPENDING. Regulations and laws prevent/restrict businesses from investing capital on inventory/machinery/PERSONNEL. Tax cuts alone will not do it....Congress MUST decrease spending.

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