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  • stakeholder_9999 stakeholder_9999 Feb 21, 2011 11:24 PM Flag

    It's like Cairo has moved to Madison.

    "Thing is, in the private sector, it is a business which is paying the bills."


    And waltlia1025,

    In the private sector, it is the "consumer" which is paying the bills.

    Never forget that!


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    • Tell me, what is the incentive for a public employee to work hard?

      • 2 Replies to waltlia1025
      • They work hard because they care about the students. They care about whether or not the students will be able to make a living when they graduate. A teachers day is not over when the last child leaves school. A teachers day does not start just when the first bell rings. It is too bad that you have never opened your eyes and really saw what teachers go through day after day. Spend a day in a classroom and you wouldn't be making stupid, inane remarks about teachers that work very hard.

      • "Tell me, what is the "incentive" for a public employee to work hard?"

        -by waltlia1025


        Tell me waltlia1025,

        What "Financial incentives" does BP have for it's senior executives to do the right thing with reguard employee and public safety?

        And what "financial incentives" does BP's claims attorney (Ken Feinberg) have from BP to lowball claims of the people on the Gulf of Mexico?


    • In the private sector, the consumer pays by CHOICE!

      Quit supporting the loser teachers. They earn 50k per year and get another 50k worth of benefits and pension (which is not taxed) and only work 185 days per year and less than an 8 hour workday. Don't tell me that they take thier work home with them ... who the hell doesn't?

      I love how these Libtards go nuts when they are faced with losing a few bucks ... LMAO ... now they know how I feel when Obama and the Libs attack me for being "rich" and want to take even MORE of my money!!!!!! Unlike them, I work 7 days per week, 12-15 hours per day and have to fund my own retirement and pay for my own health benefits.

      Time for the public union scum to feel my pain ... !

      • 3 Replies to cooterxxx
      • You work 12 to 15 hours a day? Seven days a week? I did that many, many days and probably never made your salary. If you are self employed, that is your choice to work that many hours. Maybe you should be better organized so you don't work so many hours. I sometimes had over 30 hours in from Friday night to Monday morning when I reported to work. I wasn't paid for all those extra hours like you are. So quit your complaining.


      • You are a retard. I don't know of one teacher in our system that gets $50,000 in sarlary and $50,000 in benefits. If they make so much, why didn't you go to school for 4 to 5 years, pay for tuition, housing and dining all those years, forgo income that others were earning while the teachers were going to school and become a teacher. It sounds to me that you are jealous that someone did all the hardwork and paid the cost of schooling to be trained to contribute to society and now you think you are entitled to the same payday.

    • The risk taker, the entrepreneur, they are the one who is providing the benefits to employees. They compete in the marketplace for the business (yes, consumers), and those consumers make choices as to which people in the private sector is getting the business - not at all like what happens in the non-competitive, virtually incentiveless public sector.

    • "In the private sector, it is the "consumer" which is paying the bills".

      I get you stake: we should all become public sector workers and pay for ourselves from our taxes. Is that what you are saying??

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