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  • blood_venus999 blood_venus999 Jun 17, 2011 8:19 PM Flag

    Scientists figures show Sea Turtle fine could total $2.865 Billion

    Using the government figures for sea turtles:

    1146 x 50 = 57,300 x $50,000 = $2,865,000,000.00
    Government counts of wildlife harmed by the spill include 1,146 sea turtles, 128 dolphins and whales, and 8,209 birds from 102 species. Since these counts were tabulated, media reports indicate at least 87 dead turtles have washed ashore and 390 more dolphins and whales have been stranded. Although oiled birds continue to be found, the government has stopped reporting numbers.

    Scientists estimate that at least five times as many turtles die as wash up on shore, meaning between 5,730 and 6,165 sea turtles have likely been harmed by the spill to date. All the sea turtle species in the Gulf are threatened or endangered.

    Scientists estimate that up to 50 times as many marine mammals are killed as wash ashore, indicating up to 26,000 may have been harmed so far. Finally, scientists estimate that from four to 11 times more birds perish than are collected, with 10 times the number collected being a common rule of thumb to estimate actual bird mortality. The BP disaster has likely harmed more than 82,000 birds.

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    • I misread this so the 50x factor only applies to sea mammals, not sea turtles. So I retract the $2.865 Billion figure for the Sea Turtle fine.

      However the $308 million figure still stands rock solid.

      $308 million just for the Sea Turtles!

      • 2 Replies to blood_venus999
      • Dream on...
        they'd be lucky to get $100K for the sea turtles

        BHOPAL INDIA.. 1986 >10000 people dead; >100000 people exposed to radiation...


        TOTAL PAYED OUT so far (after 25 years of LITIGATION) - $100M


        Now that's Reality !

      • Black Elmo thinks you may have inadvertently given another prophecy tonight Blood Venus. Don't correct yourself too soon. Black Elmo remembers some contractors talking about how they burned things out on the water to make the dead animal bodies disappear. Black Elmo has a good long memory.

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