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  • iztheman2002 iztheman2002 Aug 26, 2011 4:03 PM Flag

    -2 on rumor, +.75 for showing rumor false?


    What a joke. Even shot, i can see the inequity in this! Lose $2 for a rumor of leaks but when coast guard confirms NO LEAKS, the stock recovers 75 cents???????? As much as i do not like this company, i hate even more how they hv been vilified by this worthless administration and are still paying for it. Of course, mgmt's incompentence is a huge part of it too, which is my primary reason for betting against them. STill, the injustice isn't right, even tho i'm making money from it.

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    • The Coast Guard has confirmed from under water cameras that there is no leakage from the well. I'm also dissapointed that the rumor can take away $2 and when comfirmed there is no leakage we regain only $.75. I guess we just need to live with it. As a local living on the Gulf shores for years, I can tell you that the Gulf has been leaking oil for years. Long before BP was BP. But the crooked people who want a part of the 20 billion, who by the way have never been to the Gulf, continue to spread rumors. They should be put in jail for falsifying paperwork and those on wall street should be castrated for spreading rumors for their own wealth by shorting while spreading false rumors. The SEC is a bunch of idiots.

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      • The SEC are government employees, they punch in at 8 and are out at 4...... subtract breakfast and lunch, time spent chatting with family and friends and surfing the internet..... well that's why they are always way behind the market....

        market traders are motivated to make big profits.... SEC employees simply are not motivated and don't care. I live and work in Wash DC and see it.

        Still BP down here is cheap...

    • The rumor was what gave me the chance to buy at 37.20. This is a good place to park your dollars. Better then the bank or bounds.

28.95-0.97(-3.24%)Feb 9 4:01 PMEST