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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Feb 22, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

    Gross Negligence Claim

    This entire Macondo blowout should be taken into context. It was a horrible accident but to claim that anyone was grossly negligent when that negligence could cause the loss of their own life seems preposterous. Let's just call it what it is and that is an attempt by the gov't to get more money out of BP. Would you, out at see over 100 miles, make a decision that would destroy the only ground beneath your feet? I don't think so. You can conjecture all you like but that is what it boils down to. Maybe they made a mistake or some systems failed (BOP) but surely no one was putting a gun to their own head or to the heads of others ... on purpose or not. They are drilling 40,000 feet deep. They are not walking in the park (where you could still get hit by a bus). The addititional costs of regulation and fines are going to be passed on to you at the pump and you are already seeing that now. XOM made 40 bil last year and paid over 120 bil in assorted taxes (three times more that it made). That is just unbelievable.

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