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  • iwannatalktowalker iwannatalktowalker May 15, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Seth Klarman Adds BP

    In the most recent filing Seth Klarman's Baupost Group, one of the most successful investment firms since 1980, added about 6 million BP shares their already large position (11 million shares in Q4 2012). That puts their position at over $730 million. Seth Klarman is one of the most successful and best known value investors in the world and wrote a book about value investing that often sell for more than $1,000 a copy. This is smart money and a man that is really good at his job. If you are long on the stock, you are along for the ride with one of the best value investors out there. If you are short the stock, you must think you are smarter than Klarman. If you are on this board, my guess is that you are not smarter than Klarman.

    One final thing to note. Seth Klarman is on record in his most recent investor letter saying that the market has gotten ahead of itself and has been selling off his positions. The interesting thing is that he is still buying BP despite the market.

    Forbes published an article on this.

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    • Seth Klarman certainly qualifies for being just as smart as anyone on this board. Too many people here name calling and questioning is suppose to be a dialog......not a dysfunctional drama. I will include myself in with the funny farm message board........and make a graceful exit.

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    • I agree with a lot of what you say. Seth Klarman is smarter than me and you. But I stop there. You are not a careful thinker and that's what makes investors lose money.

      Seth Klarman's 13F says only that he added to his BP position sometime in Q1 2013, ending 3/31/13. When there was talk of BP settling in February I WAS LONG TOO!! Then that broke down and BP went to trial and it became clear BP wont settle. THEN I WENT SHORT.

      Talk to me after his Q2 13F comes out. Let's see if he unloaded like he shouldve.

      OH side note, see I was also right that debraseitz is a liar about her fake NYT article. At least you had a Forbes article and didnt lie - got to give credit there!!

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      • Here is where I believe your logic is incorrect.

        Klarman is an investor and not a trader. I am not aware of him buying stocks based on speculation and then sell it a month or two later (hoping for a settlement in this case). He is thoughtful, buys based on the value of the underlying business (which he understands better than either of us) and not based on exogenous factors (like legal cases) that he probably doesn't have any special insights.

        You are right, we will be able to tell when the Q2 13F comes out what he did. My guess is that he didn't buy 6 million shares, got a 2-3 point bump in the stock price, and sold off because he was expecting a settlement that never happened. That seems unlikely and is not too much different from picking up a nickel in front of a bulldozer. If you've ever read anything he writes, it seems unlikely that your suggestion of a speculative trade by Klarman would happen. There is not a ton of velocity in his portfolio and I don't think it would start here.

        Vikki, I have no issue with the fact you are short on the stock. You are entitled to your opinion. I do have issues with the fear mongering and false information that you, or anyone, posts. Just quit it.

        One piece of advice to you, I wouldn't lecture people on being a "careful thinker" and "what makes investors lose money" when it looks like you are racking up losses on this stock.

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