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  • retiredbill retiredbill Jun 21, 2013 2:06 AM Flag

    America’s shameful shakedown of BP

    America’s shameful shakedown of BP

    " " Gulf settlement should be fair, not an exercise in extortion " "

    Google it.........


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    • Bill, not sure they are being shaken down by anyone. They had the largest oil spill in the history of man that disrupted the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Their arrogance really and I mean really turned alot of people off. Secondly, they have a long history of failures and here again their arrogance rears it's ugly head.
      The ywill get an appropriate penalty as deemed by the CWA and then things will get back to normal. Will it be the same BP. Absolutely not! They will be selling all their North American Assets for alot of reasons other than the penalty. They should have invested their monies in sensitivty training for it's managers and retaining and promoting the right people. They have failed miserably on this front!

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      • BP should pull out of the US and reinvest elsewhere in the world where profits are better and treatment by government not as abusive. As a long-time BP investor and BP retiree I have had it with the abuse in the US. BP should pull out and cease paying taxes here. Enough is enough. The american people deserve a lot worse than BP. Hopefully they will get it....and yes, I am a US citizen myself.

      • Arrogance? BP has been nothing but forthcoming with information, cleanup and financial compensation. As a thank you, BP has been defrauded, abused in the press and accused of all kinds of nonsense. Sure, some BP employees made mistakes in the Gulf. I see hardworking people make mistakes everywhere, including our government. The frauds should be prosecuted and be given long prison sentences. BP should be fully compensated for damages.

      • #$%$, I`m not in disagreement with you at all. Admittedly, BP certainly has had its share of blunders and it obviously came with a price. I do, however, feel that BP has done it`s best to get this mess cleaned up and then some. They stood up and took responsibility for clean up, not like RIG and HAL, who very likely were the real culprits. Time will tell. It`s always easy for posters on a message board to dwell on the Negatives about BP in this instance. Remember, this is about investing and there are Longs and Shorts........that`s the game! However, I`m siding with BP with my money. BP by the way is one of America`s biggest producers. At least BP`s reputation is not that of ExxonMobil if you know what I mean.

        At least I don`t get on this board and bash the company like some do, not that you do. Some people always have an axe to grind. They should reflect and look at the lives they led! Let`s face it, mistakes happen and always will.

        I believe in BP and it`s current management and the jobs they provide to many American workers.

        Today is Options Expiration. BP is on Sale!

        Best of Luck to all!


    • I read that screed the other day. I like the part where the Financial Times Editorial Board says BP's lawyers may have been "a little lax" in drafting the settlement agreement, but that's no excuse.

      A little lax? They wrote the terms they now complain about!

      FT is in the tank for BP, and not about justice for the Gulf, it's residence or the environment. You can dismiss that propaganda.

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