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  • vikkitrader vikkitrader Jun 24, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Lawyers Briefs All Filed - Judge Set to Rule

    The lawyers briefs were all filed Friday in the lawsuit - excellent article summarizing what they all say by Mark Schleifstein at Nola Times online. BP's argument that it was not grossly negligence comes down to "hey, this was a complicated operation with many players. There were some mistakes along the way that, together, caused the blowout. But nobody knew this would happen."

    If you buy this BP bunk, ask yourself one simple question: Would you trust flying on an airplane run by a company with this attitude? The aviation industry requires a high standard of accountability and cooperation between many parties to ensure safety. If Judge Barbier let's BP off the hook, there will be future blowouts in the gulf. Here's hoping Judge Barbier comes down hard on BP (and TO and HAL) and makes them accountable and makes companies realize, we better be dam sure we are drilling these holes safely!!

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    • BP has been more successful than 99% of the airlines.......if that is your "apples to oranges" comparison here. As usual, no substance, totally emotional and irrational.........and always funny.

    • If the Govt. wants to prove that BP's "corporate culture" was a direct cause of the accident, ain't going to work IMO. Contributing cause? Yes. BP already plead guilty to negligence in that regard. BP drilled hundreds of wells safely without incident under the same corporate culture. Bottom line: RIG & HAL could have done things to either prevent the accident or at least prevent the loss of life. It's one thing to have a blowout, it's an entirely different matter to have a rig blow apart. Had RIG or HAL corrected even just one of 5-6 major problems, the blowout could have been averted, or at least they could have avoided the explosion.

      Also from the NOLA Times 21-JUN article:

      "Ultimately, a host of mistakes were made during the cementing job, federal lawyers contended, such as not using enough spacers to center the drill pipe inside the well, and not waiting long enough for the cement to set before running a pressure test that allowed oil and gas to flow to the surface."

      "Transocean illegally used a "dual command" structure aboard the Deepwater Horizon, with both its captain and an "offshore installation manager" designated as being in charge at the time of the operation, another factor contributing to the accident."

      "Transocean's crew directed the explosive natural gas flowing up the drill pipe from the blown well to a mud-gas separator unit on the ships deck, the proposed order states, rather than diverting it overboard, where it would have been less likely to catch fire."

      "Halliburton's negligence included the decision to use the less dense cement mixture, and that its own testing of similar cement mixtures after the accident resulted in "thin" cement that may have failed. It also noted that a bucket of the same base cement material used in the Macondo well was misplaced for three years in a Halliburton warehouse. By the time its existence was announced during the trial, it was too old to be tested."

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      • "BP drilled hundreds of wells safely without incident under the same corporate culture."

        Not true. BP was behind on this well, losing millions by the day, that's why the lead supervisor emailed his boss in Houston the day before the blowout, saying "we're flying by the seat of our pants" and other words to that effect (I can't recall specifically the other emails and won't speculate, unlike most who post here).

        Bottom line, if the "oversights' and "mistakes" like misreading the pressure test, refusing to use enough centrifiers, etc etc were done in a simple operation with no serious risk of danger (like the design of a golf course) it would only be negligence. Where you're opening the earth up under the Gulf, you need to be more careful, and the Judge should say its gross negligent to do what they did!!

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    • what world to you live in?? your analygies and comparisons are self serving and border on ridiculous. your conclusions are invalid and without substance. should NASA be shut down and criminally and brought to task for accidents? should judges, prosecutors and the like be hit for rendering improper verdicts? should the US military be frozen for collateral damage to Pakistan and Afghan civilians? Vikki, when you try to make everyone perfect, nothing happens. Then you, and those like you, are society's problems. there was no gross negligence in the Gulf. you are simply trying to profit by Short playing BP no different than the frauds laying claim to fictitious damages for their own benefit. Karma babe. could come in the guise of a Short Squeeze. you are deserving.

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      • I find the NASA analogy very good. NASA shut down the shuttle until it figured out the cause of the problem whenever there was an accident. BP never stopped drilling - even during the "investigation" it had (in quotes because it was a deliberate whitewash). BP claims a series of unforeseen missteps led to the blowout. If BP is right (which they are not) then this could happen again anytime.

        Let's shut down offshore drilling until we can make sure this problem won't happen again, using your example.

        No, BP supporters are not honest, they just want the profits to start again, and whitewash the cause of the "accident."

        Another dishonest long.

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