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  • hubcap1234_00 hubcap1234_00 Aug 20, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    La is full of corruption New Orleans is a poop pile

    Bp will get over this Louisiana is full of ticks.. Its obsene. But with a rag head in the white house you just have to wait fer it...

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    • what a disgusting opinion you have. Obama is better than the liar who sent people to their death for an unjustified war. sad that you are probably just a rascist and can't see past the color of someone's skin. LOSER!

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      • fu251,

        "Obama is better than the liar who sent people to their death for an unjustified war."

        Allow me to bring you up-to-date on current events -- it's the least I can do to help out a low-information voter (I'll assume you live in the U.S.).

        1) Benghazi: White House was warned multiple times that a large organized attack was eminent. The ambassador begged for additional security from the moment he arrived, but Hillary turned a deaf ear even as the embassy was under attack. The attack and ensuring battle lasted seven hours. Rapid-response teams were told to stand down. The near-by CIA station had enough special forces & fire power to repel the attack but were told to withdraw. A C-130 gunship that had been dispatched earlier was minutes away when told to stand down. Against established security protocols, locals were used to for embassy internal security. Embassy officials were warned that several of these people were known terrorist operatives. The attacking "mob" knew exactly where and how to breach the inner security rings of the complex (something that should never have happened). Of course I'm sure you think all this is just one of those Tea Party conspiracy theories. Just so you understand: when ANY U.S. embassy is attacked in the Middle East, prompt military intervention is automatic -- A STAND-DOWN ORDER MUST COME DIRECTLY FROM THE PRESIDENT.

        2) The troop draw down in Iraq followed the same schedule originally established by the Pentagon under the Bush administration. Apparently Obama had no problem sending "people to their death" for another 3+ years. I guess it's ok when HE does it, right?

        3) Under Bush, Al Qaeda was reduced to a bunch of rats living in caves along the Pakistani / Iraqi border; today, they're stronger than ever and have a global presence well beyond the Middle East.

        4) Obama now supplies aid to the very enemy Bush swore to wipe out. Try explaining THAT to the families of our fallen soldiers.

        Have a nice day.

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