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  • daltomah daltomah Sep 4, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    tmoflp a racist. he hates us "round eyes"... lol

    nad, your post was worth a new thread with its own header. funny how minorities who scream racism are the most racist of all. here it is from tommy tmoflp...

    tmoflp • Jun 14, 2013 11:17 AM Flag
    Hi Vikki. You're very welcome, but you don't have to thank me for telling that racist garbage off - that's something I will do for anyone. You sound very intelligent about market. Do you trade for living? Where do you live? Maybe you could give me good information!
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    Jaywalk Consensus lists BP a "Buy"
    tmoflp • Jun 12, 2013 3:34 PM Flag
    Hey roundeye, as an Asian-American, I take great offense to your racist comments about Chinese people. Chinese Americans built the railroads and infrastructure of this country, so show a little appreciation. You probably have a rat nose and stink like a dirty snow monkey, baboon-brain.
    If I see another racist anti-Chinese comment, I'll go Bruce Lee on your honkey #$%$.

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    • I don't suppose there's any chance of keeping this board light on the childish racist taunts and this "if you call me a racist then I'm the real victim, WAH WAH, yes I know I am but what are you? no backsies" silliness, is there? Vikki and his/her/its putative sockpuppets may be self-righteous and annoying, and they may make stuff up (and then re-iterate it month after month), but at least they're approximately on topic.

      Probably a vain hope. I guess I'll just shed a silent tear. SPLOSH

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      • alien, I understand. however, this goes towards credibility or lack thereof. Ikkitrader is playing BP short and her attacks are biased, exaggerated, and unrelenting. the idea is to present arguments so as to cause selling and thereby help her position. altho what selling may happen due to her attacks is too small to make a dent in BP PPS, as a shareholder I will counter. like BP, I tire of the attacks and have taken up the art of defense. I applaud dalto for starting that thread in that it exposes tmoflp as an ally of Ikki. face it, Vikkitrader is out to damage your wealth, mine and all others who are invested with BP. yeah, I for one take that very personal as her attacks are often times personal, lewd and plain old nasty in nature. same with tmoflp. they are 2 pukes who should be exposed for what they are and what they represent.

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