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  • herjrr herjrr Sep 30, 2013 7:56 PM Flag

    if trial concluded in April then why no verdict?

    is it typical for a judge to take 5 months to decide who is at fault? everybody knows it was the cement that failed. i don't mind researching--but i can't think of a similar case. any case suggestions welcome-- and no there was no suit against feds for knowingly flying shuttle when they knew tiles could come off or against feds for fema's inadequate responsible to Katrina, etc, etc.

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    • I guess they aren't impressed by the BP PR shill-a-thon either? Imagine that....

    • And HOW ABOUT that OTHER trial , the TEN BILLIONS dollar monster under the bed trial going on for three weeks, that NOBODY is talking about? Anyone factoring in the one, in you long term happiness goals?

    • BP trolls here, coercing the masses are they? Here, try this one....

    • There's no "typical" with this trial. This was the biggest environmental disaster in US history, and is far and away the biggest environmental disaster trial in world history. The judge may not decide until all 3 phases are over. I share your frustration -- when the bad news hit you'll see massive panick selling, imo.

      Good luck!!

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      • ikki, there is no stopping you is there. as usual, I need to refute your biased and slanderous posts (you nasty old bat). you can google this for the whole story but this excerpt should suffiice...


        A study by the Dept. of Oceanography at Texas A&M found 600 “oils spills,” into the Gulf of Mexico, all ancient if not prehistoric, all antiseptically “natural”, and all courtesy of Earth Goddess Gaia. In fact these “spills” probably saved the survivors of Hernando De Soto’s plucky band of explorers in 1542, who record caulking their boats with the abundant tar balls found along an east Texas beach. The study also reports that in 1909 a genuine gusher was spotted in the same area, shooting crude oil high into the air from the Gulf floor.

        Not all these gushers lie below the Gulf of Mexico however. In fact one of Mother Earth’s biggest “spills” is off Southern California’s coast at Coal Oil Point, not far from the homes of ”environmentalist activists” Leo De Caprio, Charlie Sheen, Barbara Streisand, Brad Pitt, Ed Begley Jr and many, many others of their ilk. This spill gushes an estimated 3000 gallons of crude oil daily into the waters off Malibu beach. But none of the above “activists” appear overly agitated over this “disaster.”

        Nothing normally soothes the savage beast of an environmentalist like the notion of a substance being “biodegradable.” Indeed, the term “environmentally-friendly,” has become almost its synonym. Well, crude oil is about as biodegradable as substances come, especially when spewed into warm, microbe-filled waters like the Gulf of Mexico. Hence the stratospheric dunce caps crowning so many “environmentalist” heads a mere year after “The Worst Environmental Disaster in U.S. History!”

        “The damaging effects of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will be felt all the way to Europe and the Arctic!” according to a “top scientist” addressing a congressional panel, as reported by CNN last year.

        In fact, the damaging effects were hardly visible in Louisiana itself a few months later. Dr. Van Heerden who spent most of his days inspecting the Louisiana coast found that less than one square mile of coastal marsh had been severely oiled, mostly around Timbalier Bay. That’s out of 5300 square miles of Louisiana coastal marsh and swamp, by the way.

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    • This one on Al Jazeera America, This asked on the BP America Facebook page...."BP, your administrator, you telling me, that with this critical phase of the trial for BP going on in New Orleans, all harmed needing the truth out, that with 630k on the BPA page, and millions in the Gulf harmed, there have ONLY been 17 comments on the latest post, in however many days it has been up? Where are your BP supporters, at this time of need? Are you all limiting posts are you? "Join the Conversation", now a thing of the past for you all?"

    • Saw this on the DOJ page, along with other posts...Good luck losers, keep on holding, anyone doing so, deserving all they get.....

    • I suppose you might think this is splitting hairs, but the judge has "only" been sitting on this Phase I case for 2.5 months, not 5. That's because according to his April 24 order there to be were two rounds of post-trial briefing, the second of which wasn't completed until July 12, at which point the judge had 14 detailed legal briefs (two each by the seven parties), and he had specifically asked all parties to address 7 different questions. So he presumably is sifting through the legal arguments and spins on the evidence contained in those briefs as he decides the issues that were before him in that Phase I trial. Plus, he is well aware that whatever he decides is going to be appealed by whoever doesn't like it, not to mention how his decision will be dissected by the press, and like any judge he wants to be as sure as he can about what he decides before he issues his detailed ruling, which will be in the form of a lenghty opinion that addresses all the evidence and arguments presented by the parties. (By comparrison, his ruling in January 2012 on the cross motions of BP and Transocean for partial summary judgment was 30 pages long, and there wasn't any trial testimony to address in that one.)

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