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  • nadsmis nadsmis Oct 3, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    we need 3 people to report tmoflp to Yahoo

    Please report this guy to Yahoo. we now only need 2 more people to report him so that he is banned. you've all seen his work. if not, below is a copy of a post from yesterday. Let's get this guy out of here. I wish we could tag Vikkitrader too...

    tmoflp • 22 hours ago Flag

    "This poster is racist trash and hates women too. Let's put him in #$%$ camp for making hair lamps"

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    • the latest Tommy Chop Chop post to ikkitrader. keep this in mind when you read Ikki's attacks on BP and on tmoflp (aka Tommy Chop Chop) defense of her. it isn't even funny anymore, it is pathetic...

      tmoflp•Oct 3, 2013 3:20 PMFlag

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      Vikki, thank you but please keep messages to me private. The stalker nadsmis is posting our message on other board. I know people in FBI who will take care of him for breaking law since I am in IT and can get his IP address, but for time being please lay low. I will give you what you want, just be discreet for time being.
      Yes I do find you very attractive too. Even for white girl! Less

    • Just set the userid to IGNORE, problem solved.

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    • Just curious.

      There is a poster on another board who for many years has been making racial and anti-gay slurs, cyber stalking certain posters including a death threat and Yahoo has done nothing.

      Do you need complaints from three posters before Yahoo does anything?

    • Wow, Nads, I run across you again, remember from COP board where I had to translate a rant in Tennessee dialect so you could under stand the words? You know where you assaulted my good name and I had to list you as, a new friend I like to call Nads? Hope the translation worked for you. I was thinking of buying BP, but, if I do you might have to sell because I am an unfunny moron. I do see that you do not play well with others and have gained a following, not me though. #$%$ off a crazy Asian I see, well, it is your winning personality and intolerance of those different from you. Cool. Want someone to report and see what good it does? Go to DUK where poster executes Denial Os Service by posting 10 posts a minute and has been doing this for a really long time and guess what? Yahoo only cares about politically incorrect statements and if they ban you, you have to just make up a new name. Goodluck with you banning campaign.

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      • You buy COP vs. BP? Well if today was any judge, you may want to change positions. If so, welcome aboard. You have to love the dividend here. I also agree with others that the court system will self correct and get past the Louisiana hell hole. When the "ultimate" ruling is rendered, we can expect to see a super rise to stock price. That is what drove BP higher today in the midst of a horrible market.

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