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  • lalanche lalanche Oct 11, 2013 3:23 AM Flag

    Vikki and BP

    So far BP has basically traded sideways despite being taken to the cleaners by the Gulf feeding frenzy orchestrated by the LA courts. My question to Vikki is when will the share price go down. Collecting a 5% dividend while waiting is a better return than having your money in the bank but of course many shares have performed better. However, my question is simply when will the shares go down? Will they be lower after the next set of results? My feeling is that we have seen the lows- the results will continue to improve and the corner has been turned with the latest court ruling telling the Judge to get his act together.

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    • Vikki- what we are going to do with BP is climb a wall of worry. You can't keep a good stock down for ever!

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    • You're looking at it backwards, imo. When will it go up ? Even after the "great" news of the appellate reversal, nothing. Even I was surprised (I was the first to post the appellate reversal news - I post all information and have nothing to hide).

      The seemingly secure dividend provides a floor to the stock. That will change when liabilities hit earnings, which should be sometime Q2-Q3 2014. But that could happen sooner.

      The better move is to keep money on the sidelines and go in BP after the real tsunami hits next year, imo.

      BP has yet to make full accounting for the ecodisastercide imo (my word, you heard it here first).

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      • right ikki, you are always right like tmoflp. you know him. the guy with the high end govt job? well, doesn't seem so. more like a truck driver? i told you to be careful what with all the misrepresentation on the internet. you need to not only be open minded but careful as well. like i said, don't send him money. now go check out his posting history. i will help you. here is one of his posts... ugh.

        tmoflp • Oct 20, 2007 4:18 AM

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        All that which train drivers have sacrificed in the past as a result of the restructuring of Deutsche Bahn will not be returned to them, e.g., the reduction in holidays, increases in working and driving times�all without any corresponding increase in wages.

        In addition the Railways Board has repeatedly turned to the courts to prosecute the GDL [train drivers� union] prior to the planned strikes, thereby ignoring the needs of workers. The right to strike is contained in the constitution and it is therefore a democratic right for workers to secure their aims through strikes. I regard any attempt to prohibit strikes by labor courts as unconstitutional and an attack on our democracy.

        I am a long-distance driver with DB and regret that the colleagues in regional transport are taking strike action on my behalf, while I cannot make my own contribution because I am banned from doing so by the labor court.

        By the way, when is Angeion announcing earnings?

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      • As Buffet says the difference between a good investor and a bad one is patience. I generally dont trade - I like to buy and hold. I like the BP assets, the growth which will really start to show in 2014, the dividends whilst you wait. But most of all I like the fact that the papers are full of negative stories- I can hardly ever think that this signals a good buying opportunity. I think common sense will pervail in the end in Louisiana. Even you now seem to be conceding the downside is getting limited when you say the real question is when will it go up!

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