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  • wintoat34 wintoat34 Dec 9, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    BP damaged the Gulf of Mexico

    As to how much it may never be known.I personally don't care if they pile all of the spill claim damages in a big pile and burn it.Bp like a lot of companies does not care as long as they can get more money.The ceo and board should have gone to prison for life.The only way to get companies away from their type of actions is long prison sentences.I will never buy gas from a BP branded station again.

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    • Go on the Internet and search for accidents caused by Shell and Exxon (Juan Valdez) and all other. Are you going to boycott them too? What's next, bicycles?

    • i say again gulf is in trouble but not from ixtoc or bp dwh-- best scientists and conservation groups are applauding where initial money has been spent:
      Money in other states will generally go to improve natural areas and create better habitats for animals. For example, Mississippi will use $3.3 million to uproot invasive land and wetland plant species in its 26 coastal preserves, replanting with native species.

      Alabama will use $6.78 million to try to stop sedimentation caused by suburban development that's making Mobile Bay muddier and killing sea grass beds that are important nurseries for fish, crabs and shrimp.

      "There is a long list of projects that remain in need of funding, but this is a major movement forward," Mobile Baykeeper Executive Director Casi Callaway said of Alabama's projects.

      In Florida and Texas, foundation officials said they tried to choose projects closest to the spill zone. Projects were generally in Florida's western Panhandle and on the eastern part of Texas' coast.

      In Florida, $4.19 million will go to restore oyster beds in Apalachicola Bay, which have been hard hit after drought
      the largest amount will be spent in Louisiana to get the mississippi river back to building land rather than washing land and nutrients straight into the Gulf. There is no requirement that any BP money be spent on oil spill --there are larger problems and if they are getting money at least they appear to be spending it on the right things. But in fairness to BP stop saying the spill is the cause of the worst of the problems it is run-off
      from mankind. do not buy bp gas okay, but stop eating anything that uses midwest corn and for heavens sake get people along the coast to stop flushing their commodes.

    • who cares if you buy BP gas!! BP will sell it to other companys under a different brand stupid!!!

    • BP damages the Gulf of Mexico....a bit for a short amount of time. Virtually damage has been repaired either by cleanup or by natural processes. Gulf is fine. Don't spread lies please.

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      • Anyone even remotely curious as to how the Gulf was damaged by BP and how that damage continues should not accept the opinions of any poster here - because they are not marine biologists, zoologists, ecologists, etc. People need to look up the scientific articles that show how bad the damage is. For ex, yesterday I read the rate of dolphin deaths in the gulf continues to climb every year from toxins released from the Macondo disaster.

        Trust me, BP's damage to the Gulf is far worse that anything you heard or will hear from the media. I know, I've read all the articles.

    • " " I will never buy gas from a BP branded station again. " "..........Oh really?

      Wingoat, what you don`t realize is that BP not only supplies BP Retail Gas Stations, but in addition, it also supplies gas to other Off-Label Gas Retailers you Imbecile.

      Hey Winggoat, I did some research for on.......and gloat!

      ** According to the Association for Convenience and Petroleum Marketing, most of the 115,340 convenience stores nationwide that sold gasoline in 2009 were owned by small business owners, and just 2 percent were owned by major oil companies. However, about half of all stores are branded with a major oil company’s name, meaning the owners of those stores have a contract to purchase a certain amount of fuel from them, but operate independently.

      BP and the other major oil companies that brand stations also sell fuel to non-branded stations. So boycotters could go to a station that is not clearly affiliated with any major oil company and still purchase BP-branded gas. **

      No matter how hard you try, BP owns You! Deal with it!


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      • Bill, right on. incidentally, I buy my gasoline where I know it to be least expensive. all things being nearly equal tho, I like the Invigorate gasoline from BP. I have to use a premium grade with the Benz so I do follow gasoline price trends. I drive a lot between upstate and the City.

        keep on keepin' on. or, as Vikki's beau likes to say (being the Asian truck driver that he is), Keep on Truckin'

    • bijom Dec 9, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

      From The Oil Drum web site:

      Natural seeps can be thought of as natural springs from which liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons (hydrogen-carbon compounds) leak out of the ground. Oil seeps are fed by natural underground accumulations of oil and natural gas. Satellite images have identified hundreds of areas where oil is likely to seep from the Earth's crust into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These seeps occur over a wide range of the 615,000 mi² (1.6 million km²) Gulf. A 2003 study by the National Research Council and a 2009 report by oil spill expert Dagmar Schmidt Etkin indicate that between 560,000 and 1,400,000 barrels per year (1,534 to 3,835 barrels per day) seep into the Gulf of Mexico from natural sources. Dozens of natural seeps have been identified off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas, some in the region of the Deepwater Horizon site.

    • Good, but also forego all the other gas as it is produced from Gulf oil produced by BP and other producers. BP uses oil produced by Exxon and vice versa etc etc. By the way, the Gulf is fine. Go take a look. Ask the fishermen. Catches are the best in decades. Oil is natural food for the Gulf ecosystem. Macondo spill put less oil in the Gulf than naturally added to the Gulf. There is no long term damage to speak off. All the doom and gloom you here about is 99.999% #$%$.

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      • Another BP thug trying to get out of paying for world class environmental damage.I would love to see you drink down a gallon or two of that crude oil for your natural food.

      • What an ignorant statement to make on a public forum! The damage to the Gulf is being realized more and more as time passes. Don't take my word for it, look up the scientific reports from 2013 (one prominent one last month, in fact) that shows the damage to the gulf ecosystem is not only far greater than originally believed, but likely to be multi-generational. Scientists are realizing this was an oil genocide - ECOCIDE in other words (a new word from the Macondo disaster).

        How many companies actually make the language people have to make a new word up since there's none to describe the damage??

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