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  • wintoat34 wintoat34 Dec 17, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    The BP website us and the gulf is a true fiction compared to Plos One a scientific journal

    Normally on a active oil drilling site they find 300 to 600 yds away effects of oil pollution.Two miles from the leaking wellhead they found damage.Nine square miles around the wellhead showed the most damage.360 square miles were damaged to an extent.They are estimating decades for the Gulf to recover.All of the damages will take at least a year to map the areas and estimate total damage.They have experts with phds running this study that are world class.Bp is trying for the quick lets pay as little as we can for the damage we have done and get out from under this.BPS website is a total snow job.A real corporate pile of trash.

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    • What they "forgot" to add is that the damaged area of the Gulf that will take decades to recover encompasses 0.000001% of the Gulf while the remaining 99.999999% is already fully recovered or even in better health (fisheries!!) than prior to the spill. Fish love BP, fishermen love BP, Red Lobster loves BP, the Gulf loves BP, my car loves BP.

    • thank you thank you thank--- this article from Plos says fish are more abundant after the spill. This article is well worth reading. Response of Coastal Fishes to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster
      F. Joel Fodrie Kenneth L. Heck Jr.
      Affiliation: Dauphin Island Sea Lab and Department of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama, Dauphin Island, Alabama, United States of America

      some species are an order of magnitude more plentiful (gray sea trout)== but all species are doing better after the spill than before the authors are atributing this to the fishing moritoruim that was issued after the spill.

      thank you thank you thank you nice to see scientific studies that show the true health of the gulf fisheries.
      thank you thank you thank you good article worth the read

    • Wintoat, you have been reported to Cheech and Chong. they are both bangers in Tommy Chop Chop's hood. Live with it.

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