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  • retiredbill retiredbill Dec 23, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    Two top officials leave BP oil spill claims office

    December 23, 2013
    Two top officials leave BP oil spill claims office

    Google the header...........

    It sure looks like Louis Freeh is Digging Deeper!! I have often stated that more sh.t will hit the fan! Let`s hope that these low lifes are wearing protective eye ware!!

    ** Two top officials of a fund that pays compensation in connection with the 2010 BP oil spill have resigned, just months after the two were accused of engaging in improper conduct.

    Juneau refused to comment on BP’s allegation that the resignations follow reports that the men entertained subordinates at a strip club that got $550,000 in oil spill claims. The allegation is online in an ad BP says will run Monday in three major newspapers. BP won’t identify the club.

    In September, former FBI head Louis Freeh — appointed by the federal district court in New Orleans to investigate allegations of wrongdoing in the claims office — said Odom and Fisher had formed a business that offered work in an unrelated lawsuit to a company doing oil spill claims work.

    “Actual and apparent conflicts of interest involved the most senior officials” of the claims administrative office, he wrote. **

    Keep up the great work Mr. Freeh!!!


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    • Does anybody know if these guys have been arrested yet or are they still on the run?

    • Dear Mr. retiredbill,
      Why is Louis Freeh raising such heck?So what if a coupla guys went to a strip club.That is legal.My father met my mother at one.

      Is K-Y oil based?My boy friends use it all the time.Does BP make that too?Geez, they all tell me it is like Latex.

      Oh, what is fodder anyway?Is that what horses make after they eat or is it more like what I am full of?

      Now, as I like asked before, how come BP stock went up so much today?What do I have to do to stop that?I try everything I can think of and now I just look stupid.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is a non-issue and non-event. Freeh found zero evidence of systemic fraud, only some "apparent conflicts of interest." One of those involved these two men, who I guess went to a strip club with some vendors several months ago. Those men left for plush lobbying positions - sadly, the way in American politics.

      None of this will affect the settlement process. Just more fodder for the BP propaganda.

      And judging by the level of morals of many on this board, why anyone here would criticize people going to a strip club reeks of juvenille hypocrisy and male insecurity.

      Or is that too much honesty for a BP investor to handle?

      • 3 Replies to vikkitrader
      • vikkihater, as usual. you simply cannot see the truths nor understand the facts. you post anything negative you can and twist any positive news anyone else posts. believe me, this is indicative of your ilk.

        have you nothing to say about the increase in share value? nothing? of course not but, you can't deny that so you simply over look it.

        we have a new investigator looking into damage claims and 2 others given the bums' rush. you spin that.

        i am wondering tho... could the new former FBI investigator be none other than......... Tommy Chop Chop? after all, despite him being a truck driver, he said he had a powerful position in the govt and knew people in the bureau. he was going to use his position to investigate me and have me silenced. didn't happen, did it? instead, he took flight and has not been heard of since. my take is that he is court ordered to not access the internet and, when he began making false claims and statements, he thought better of it and disappeared. too funny.

        we all got nice year end dividends in payment for our investing in BP. that in addition to VERY nice capital gains to an undervalued share price. will be a great Christmas for us. i would suspect Christmas means little to you and, you don't have to worry about covering a short position as you have none. you are just a pitiful loud mouthed spinster.

        to all else - MERRY CHRISTMAS. and, as Spock used to say, Live long and prosper.

      • Correct as usual

      • IKKI - I took you off IGNORE to read what you had to say on this item because I needed a great #$%$ laugh! YOU SUCCEEDED! Your life and opinions are a non-event. Seriously, your new year's resolution needs to be to get SERIOUS psychiatric help and a LIFE! Just my opinion. PLEASE go do something with your time, life, and energy. I feel SO deperately bad for you. I see you haven't changed in more than a year and I seriously feel SO #$%$ bad at how mentally ill I believe you are, I just wish I could get you institutionalized and receive the care you need. Even a sad crazy creature like you deserves a chance in this world....

    • Bill, read this as a JOKE: don't you realize that after all these years, these people are leaving because they have Jesus in their hearts and he has told them to spend time with his family. Their work is done. They made the devil demon BP pay and now they can shine light somewhere else. LOL!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to gstocks1977
      • Your post is only worth zero.

      • You are most welcome!......Thanks again.........

        ** Former FBI agent appointed interim CEO of BP oil spill claims office **

        ** On Monday, BP alleged in a series of full-page ads appearing in the New York Times and other newspapers that the two men resigned following reports that they entertained subordinates at a strip club that received $550,000 in oil spill claims.

        “Mr. Odom and Mr. Fisher have both resigned, indicating that they desire to move on to other business opportunities," Juneau said in a statement issued early Monday. "I have accepted their resignations.” **



    • The rats are leaving the Barbier/Juneau ship. Looking forward to the next panic move.

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