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  • wintoat34 wintoat34 Jan 9, 2014 11:14 AM Flag

    Lets get this straight,Bp surely did not want to lose billions in profits and look like a world class polluter

    I have not seen where any BP engineer went James Bond movie class insane and dreamed up a lets flood the Gulf of Mexico with oil.However ,the execution planning and backup for the blowout preventer was a disaster.And the plan for cutting off the flow was an ongoing disaster.If you cant drill deepwater any better than that don't do it.Maybe the technology just has not caught up with the drillbit.It is obvious that BP did not have capable upper level management to review and see these faults way in advance.Maybe now they will clear the claims up and get on with the business.Dragging out the claims process only makes BP look worse.

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    • yes my little wintoat.Yes.

      You may not know what you are talking about but, so what?Continue your tirade.Campaign on.

    • We are cruising upwards fellas. Too bad for the shorts and
      good riddance!

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    • Might as well also add that BP killed 15 more workers in 2005 in Texas City and pled guilty to felony manslaughter and WAS STILL ON PROBATION when this happened. They also have by far the highest fatality rate in the industry and collect more OSHA fines than all of the other major oil companies COMBINED.

      When do executives have to start going to jail? Maybe never if they run international oil companies.

    • The problem with the settlement is that there are so many claims and many are illegitimate that have to be assessed, which is taking a lot of time. Anytime there is a huge settlement awarded there are many false claims that will be presented. That is the case with the settlement of this disaster.

    • whatever wintoat. there are so many similarities amongst those who deride BP. You and vikkihater are so alike. you both act like know-it-alls. you both insult anyone that disagrees with you. you both report people to Yahoo (snitch, rat, punk, stoolie, squealer, fink). you both are opinionated. you both are so negative and polar that you can't begin to rationally, or objectively, consider anything that doesn't fit your paradigms. you both draw silly parallels that are inane and invalid (Titanic, Martha Stewart, James Bond). you both operate from emotion rather than logic. you both have a problem staying on topic even when you start one. you both are irrational. you are both women.

      look. this board isn't about BP litigation or ecology. this is about whether BP is a good financial investment - or not. Let's assume everyone agrees with your spin. so? does that make BP a poor investment? no. as a matter of FACT, BP has performed well for its shareholders. the stock price continues to rise and the yield continues to hold and to be attractive.

      apparently all your efforts have been in vain. in effect, you and Vikkihater spend an inordinate amount of time posting with zero effect. You repeat the same behavior over and over and the results don't change. Don't you think odd?

      I do.

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