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  • nola40d nola40d Jan 11, 2014 11:55 AM Flag

    Supposed "bogus" claims against BP for oil spill

    There are tons of legit claims against BP for the oil spill which may not be obvious. I have a friend with a trucking company hundreds of miles from the coast. His business was impacted significantly because truckers from the coast could not find business and went north to compete in his area for a year or two. Not only did they take business from his company but the overload of truckers in one area caused prices to drop to the point to where nobody could make money there. That was a direct impact of the spill. There are tons of other businesses too where workers who lost their jobs due to the spill took jobs from individuals in other areas or were willing to work for half as much just to have a job. You had workers from Florida who had to relocate due to the significant negative impact on the vacation industry there. That had a massive impact on home prices which impacted realtors' incomes, closing attorneys' incomes, loan officers' incomes, etc. The financial impacts of the spill were significant and far-reaching.

    BP cut a deal to bypass investigations if they would pay the claims and they need to pay. Literally millions of lives were negatively impacted very significantly as a result of the spill. Most likely, BP knows they need to pay and knows the claims are legit - but their lawyers are literally making billions of dollars for themselves by dragging this out as long as possible. If the lawyers can keep 5 billion in claims from being paid and it makes those lawyers 10 billion to defend it then they think that is a great deal (for themselves) even though it actually costs the company more money.

    People need to boycott BP until the company lives up to the deal that was cut. Trucking companies in particular need to boycott BP as the spill had a negative impact on that industry and they still are not paying. Actually, everybody needs to boycott BP until they wise up and fire the lawyers who are determined to make a career out of this.

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