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  • mercejl mercejl Mar 22, 2014 7:07 PM Flag

    BP is dishonest


    BP is a dishonest company that cares nothing about Human life or about the Businesses they harmed in the 2010 Oil Spill. BP will delay and cry wolf over anything possible to prevent paying the deserving businesses truly harmed by the spill. I know,,, I've herd it all,,, "a false claim happened"!! BOO HOO,,, pay the other 98% that are real and then get your money back from those 2% that are false. Truth is, BP is drawing billions of dollars in interest of the deserving businesses they've damaged. They should be paying interest on the business claims until paid in full. That would end all of this court junk!!

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    • The reason many people in the Gulf did not get any money is because they never paid TAXES. Under the table money with no records is not going to make it when you want help from BP. Whose fault is that?

    • "BP is a dishonest company" - a company is not capable of having such human characteristics. BP is a company made up of people. Some of those people may be dishonest at times, like the rest of the world. Have you ever told a lie, mercejl? Most BP employees are as honest as you or more so. They are just regular folks, though a vast majority are more educated, hard working and concerned about the environment than the average person. BP doesn't hire dummies like yourself.

    • I still think oil spills would be reduced if the executives would be sent to prison for environmental damages such as the BP spill. They would care about safety more if they had to sit in a prison for years instead of their company writing checks. Most politicians would not get paid on the sly either.

      This week, about 1,000 more pounds of oil washed up on the shores of Mississippi - leftovers from the Macondo geyser. That should be the news, not BP's phony "fraud" claims!!

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