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  • amiretiredyet1 amiretiredyet1 Mar 18, 2011 12:46 AM Flag

    MTV's Advertisers Must Be Punished!

    "MTV’s agenda of decay has systematically and insidiously unfolded to the point that underage school girls are now portrayed masturbating and having indiscriminate sex with each other, guzzling alcohol, using illegal drugs and spewing language that would have been inconceivable on television just a few years ago."

    "In addition to exporting immorality and attempting to destroy the traditional values of every culture around the world, MTV executives also seem to think they are duty bound to undermine any and all social structure. They never miss an opportunity to portray an authority figure in a highly negative light. Parents, teachers and adults of about every stripe are routinely portrayed as morons that smarter and more enlightened young people must put up with.

    Along with their respective boards, McGrath of MTV, and Sumner Redstone, Chairman of parent company Viacom, seem to think its perfectly acceptable to portray 15 year-olds doing drugs, drowning their hopelessly nihilistic worldview in deadly amounts of alcohol, and having commitment-free sex together—and they do so in an increasingly wireless and borderless world of on-demand programming. America is becoming her own worst enemy and making recruitment for extremists easier by the day."

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