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  • sidewinder587 sidewinder587 Feb 4, 2002 2:13 PM Flag


    I need some expert advice.....

    I have $25,000 to invest in a few companies. I am currently looking at SBLU as one of my options. I picked SBLU because of its growth rate and it's daily trading high volume.

    However, my question is what is up with the resistance. How come we can't get pass $5? What is holding us back?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    I just want to protect my investment that is all.


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    • 1) trust nobody, but yourself
      2) read investment books. The more, the better.
      3} diversify.
      4} do not sway to small gain and loss. Set to
      far sight.
      5} go for dividend, and let it compound.
      6} without those principle, expect to lose all.

    • ...if you need expert advice...I would suggest that you seek guidence from a professional financial planner at one of the major banks out there...Wells has some good ones...

      ...they will help determine what your needs and expectations are...short term, long term...etc.

      ...I wuld never look for financial advice on a stock message board...GL

    • Buy now, before earnings. I expected either a strong rally into earnings with a sell off on the news, or easing into earnings with a post call rally. Looks like a post call rally. Once earnings are announced expect SB to push beyond resistance and pop another $1-2 within weeks. SB tends to run very fast, so it you wait, you'll miss the move.