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    • LION LING (Lying sack of shit) and Stock Meister idiot. You will fet burned if you go along with their garbage. Chek out the leap, vrtl, and nwre sites and go back to 4/13 and see what I mean.


    • What does apple have to do with S3.
      With todays announcement S3 should be able to do what ever they want.

    • Sounds like apple is really after a bit of the proceeds. seems like they waited a long time. prolly after someones insurance. hahah

    • I can't see how this could be bad news. Early trading began strong this am.

    • Will the lawyers siphon funds from S3 too?
      This was in WSJ, April 14th.

      Apple Lawsuit Claims Exponential Tech Illegally Sold Patents

      Dow Jones Newswires April 14, 1998

      WILMINGTON, Del. -- Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) filed a lawsuit against Exponential Technology Inc. and its five directors in Delaware Chancery Court on Monday, claiming the defunct San Jose, Calif.,company illegally auctioned off its portfolio of 45 patents for $10 million.

      Exponential, a private computer-chip manufacturer, was developing the X704, a faster version of Apple's PowerPC microprocessor, the brain of Apple's personal computers. But the company closed its Silicon Valley office in May 1997 and filed a lawsuit blaming Apple in part for its troubles, according to the Chancery Court lawsuit.

      Apple, which is Exponential's largest shareholder, had dropped plans to use the X704, which turned out to be only slightly faster than the PowerPC chip.

      Exponential sold its portfolio of 45 patents to S3 Inc. (SII) in September 1997. In February 1998, it was revealed that S3 paid $10 million for the patents, according to the lawsuit.

      "The sale of the patent portfolio has also rendered Exponential incapable of performing its contractual obligations to its only customer, Apple, thereby cutting off Exponential's only potential source of revenues and exposing it to liability for breach of contract," Apple claims in the Chancery suit.

      Apple's suit asks the court to order an accounting of Exponential's use of funds obtained from the patent sale and to appoint a custodian to liquidate the company and distribute its assets.

      No one from Exponential technology was available for comment Tuesday.

      -Kelvyn Anderson; 201-93

    • Thursday April 16, 8:01 am Eastern Time

      Company Press Release

      SOURCE: S3 Incorporated

      Toshiba Awards S3 With Multiple Design Wins

      S3's ViRGE/MX Mobile Accelerator Selected for Two Series of Pentium II-Based Notebook PCs

      SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- S3(R) Incorporated (Nasdaq: SIII - news) announced today that the Computer Systems Division (CSD) of
      Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. -- the leader in mobile computing -- has selected S3's ViRGE(R)/MX -- the notebook industry's fastest 3D accelerator*
      -- to power the graphics and video applications for its new Satellite Pro 490 and Tecra(TM) 780 series of Pentium II-based notebook PCs.

      ``Being designed into two new notebooks with nine configurations from one of the world's largest notebook PC manufacturers is a significant achievement for S3's
      Mobile Products Group,'' said Rick Bergman, vice president and general manager, S3's Mobile Products Group. ``This clearly shows that we've established
      ourselves as a leader in the mobile PC graphics market.''

      Toshiba's Satellite Pro 490 Series

      According to Toshiba, the Satellite Pro 490 series brings the latest processor technology to the Satellite Pro family with prices starting near $3,500. Offering the
      industry's best price/performance ratio, the Satellite Pro 490 series also incorporates large displays, huge hard drives, ample memory and fast modems. The
      notebook of choice for small and medium-sized businesses and corporate projects, the Satellite Pro 490 series continues Toshiba's tradition of delivering
      feature-rich portable solutions at an excellent value.

      Toshiba's Tecra 780 Series

      According to Toshiba, the Tecra 780 series offers leading performance, multimedia manageability and investment protection to meet the needs of the most advanced
      corporate customers. A premier desktop replacement system, the Tecra 780 combines robust expansion capabilities with impressive performance. Its leading-edge
      technology and innovative feature-set makes it an ideal platform for power users who require the most comprehensive multimedia and communications solution.

      S3's ViRGE/MX

      Combining the same level of 2D, 3D and video capabilities found in S3's desktop accelerators with advanced power management and flat panel display support,
      S3's ViRGE/MX accelerator brings new capabilities to notebook PC users. These new and innovative capabilities include:

      DuoView(TM) -- S3 is the first in the industry to provide DuoView technology, which enables users to display different images (graphics and video) simultaneously
      on separate displays and to optimize display quality when showing the same image on multiple displays.

      S3 has worked with Microsoft to incorporate support for S3's DuoView in the multi-monitor interface for Windows 98. With this support, notebook users will be
      able to use the LCD display and a monitor simultaneously as a larger desktop display space enabling greater user productivity.

      Advanced 3D Performance -- The industry's first mobile 3D accelerator, ViRGE/MX delivers a full set of 3D rendering capabilities, including MIP mapping,
      tri-linear filtering and perspective correction textures to deliver images that are free of annoying visual artifacts such as ``sparkle'' and ``jaggies.'' Other features
      include transparency for enabling realistic rendering of glass, water and plastic objects; atmospheric effects such as fog and depth cueing to enable rendering of
      real-world environments; and Z-buffering to speed the removal of hidden surfaces for improved performance and visual quality.

    • Are you crazy? AAPL is sitting on $1 Billion in cash and (now) a red hot stock. What on earth makes you think that AAPL couldn't buy if it wanted to? Obviously it doesn't want to.

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    • Good grief! What inside info do you guys have? I keep
      waiting for one of your rumors to pan out. So far... nothing.

      If you don't know, then why do you keep posting so much
      rumor garbage? Obviously, the stock is not JUMPING to
      your news.

      Don't get me wrong. I'm heavily invested in SIII.
      And, I hope your (one of you)are correct. Heck, I'll even
      buy you a beer if you are, with all the money I make on the
      takeover. But until then...

    • AMD can pay stock!

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