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  • Stock_Meister_98 Stock_Meister_98 Apr 16, 1998 5:21 PM Flag

    S3 will be taken over

    Mr. Slicktrader, sir, now what is this nonsense you are uttering? I hear you are blasphemeing my sterling and well earned
    reputation. Yes I am most certainly an ardent follower, and to a certain degree, a self-admitted promoter of Mr. Lionmaster's
    predictions. He is famous for winning the King FINE POD (pick of the day) as awarded on the King FINE web site
    <> a site that I am proud to be associated with. The site draws close to 3,000 hits per day on certain days. In fact it's only
    been in existence for a few days and yet has a *tremendous* following. And the Lionmaster has won the award several times. As
    such, it makes good sense to observe his predictions, research said predictions, and then consider investing in those predictions.
    Are you with me, so far?

    Now if a given stock issue becomes the chosen pick of the day (POD) by Mr. Lionmaster, and subsequently I promote it by making it available to the masses, etc., then what is the problem with that? Each individual investor then has the option to invest or to simply watch from the sidelines. Now I have received *numerous* e-mails <> from dozens of satisfied individuals who have made some very nice money by following the famous Lionmaster's predictions.

    Now in the specific case of SIII, I already have a stake in this company. I invested back on 3/25/98 at 7 3/4, partially
    attributable to Mr. Lionmaster's advice. I strongly believe that he already owned shares of this fine issue at that time. So he has
    appeared today on this BB and on others simply reporting that SIII had some good news. And as a result of said good news, I imagine,
    the stock rose in value. Great, I'm glad for all who own this issue. So what, may I inquire, is the problem here? I fail to
    recognize the nature of your allegeded dissatisfaction! No one is ever forced to purchase a stock. And there are never any implied or
    specfic guarantees that are included in Mr. Lionmaster's predictions. We are all on our own as to whether or not we choose to follow
    Mr. Lionmaster's prognostications. Now be a big boy today, and stop your belly-aching! And before you cast any slanderous
    accusations, be prepared to provide sufficient documented evidence to support said accusations! Good day, sir.

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    • you and your mane-less lion are a bunch of hooligans... POD? look at those stocks now, LEAP $6-$3, NTWRE #5-$3...AND SO ON. overall pattern of buy when nothing is goin on in terms of hard news, then hype based upon shady rumors, then sell when people are at a frenzy... how do you morons sleep at night. i understand day-trading and a fast buck and fortunately got out before my $ was affected... but realize that in the wake, you folks undermine trust and integrity in the companies you target.

      everyone, beware of these con men. their show is worse than "Water World"...

      tell me MEISTER what's your next target... may be i can get in on it before the curtains raise.

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      • We hate them on the LEAP board too!

      • Now we see the truth, don't we, sir?

        tell me MEISTER what's your next target... may be i can get in on it before the curtains raise.<<

        So now your real side surfaces, doesn't it, sir? Sure you want to be in on it first, don't you? Well sadly I'm NOT in it myself! I made a total profit of $88 on LEAP. Yep, that's right! Don't believe me, then locate a neutral observer and I will be more than happy to reveal ALL my stock positions, past and present. And as for NWRE, I made some money, then I lost money on it. And I lost much more than I made! Don't believe me, send over the neutral observer!

        Yes LEAP amnd NWRE are both lower than they were when each was at its peak. So is that really newsworthy? I do not short stocks, period! I don't really know how to, and it goes against my grain. So I certainly made no money as each decreased in value. But obviously when any stock rises very quickly, there are shorters and there are, of course, profit takers. So again what's new about that? Am I supposed to be responsible for their actions? I refuse to be.

        So before you unjustly accuse me of windfall profits, I strongly suggest you do some research. Your facts are not at all consistent with the truth. Therefore sir, your credibility is not acceptable!

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      S3 will be taken overLion_Master88
      Apr 15 1998
      8:46PM EDT
      by either Intel or AMD, sit tight and watch.

      Sure looks like the above is the start of a rumor in a public forum.
      Surely, your attorneys you consulted understand this.

      Tick, Tock, the clock will soon stop. Create all the aliases you want, better tracking.

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      • My attorneys are not Mr. Lionmaster's attorneys. I have no clue as to whether he even has any. Now where have you seen me posting about any rumors? I challenge you to locate such a post. Further, if Mr. Lionmaster wishes to make such an assertion, then he will have to support said assertion. And the clock that's ticking may in fact turn out to be his ally, for all you know. Suppose his claim eventually becomes reality? What will you say then?

        Now if you suspect that StockMeister and Lionmaster are one and the same, then my friend the laugh is on you, because I am not Lionmaster. And I challenge you to prove it. Nice try, though!

    • Get an allegded life. Document yourself in said common

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      • Common English, you say. I will be most pleased to enter into an intelligent conversation with you when you learn how to spell. Your heading said: "Loose the pseudo-leagaleze." Well let me assist you. "Loose" refers to your pants being too "loose." "Lose" on the other hand refers to something that you may lose, such as your car keys. Now "leagaleze," well now that's a tough one. Maybe you meant "legal" instead of "leagle." Now sir, just what is a "leagal?" Thanks.