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  • Stock_Meister_98 Stock_Meister_98 Apr 16, 1998 7:18 PM Flag

    S3 will be taken over

    My attorneys are not Mr. Lionmaster's attorneys. I have no clue as to whether he even has any. Now where have you seen me posting about any rumors? I challenge you to locate such a post. Further, if Mr. Lionmaster wishes to make such an assertion, then he will have to support said assertion. And the clock that's ticking may in fact turn out to be his ally, for all you know. Suppose his claim eventually becomes reality? What will you say then?

    Now if you suspect that StockMeister and Lionmaster are one and the same, then my friend the laugh is on you, because I am not Lionmaster. And I challenge you to prove it. Nice try, though!