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  • stockmann_2000 stockmann_2000 Jan 22, 2000 11:09 AM Flag


    I'm not usually this brave...but here's MY "you
    heard it here first" tribute to

    Sometime soon it will be discovered that Generalissimo
    Francisco Franco of Spain is -- yes -- STILL

    And I didn't use a single chart.

    Thank you
    very much.

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    • That was one of the funniest lines Chevy did...

      Over and over and over...

    • being stupid. Seems you are the one who uses that approach. rez

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      • I haven't been accused of being stupid..... sure.
        I have seen so many stupid statements here from the
        "Buy and Die Gang" that I can't contain myself,
        especially when I read some of your attacks on my comments.
        Not calling you stupid but your attacks on my
        comments sure are.

        Duuuuh, you're the brains, I'm
        the brawn....a huh.

    • You guys are so stupid that you probably go on
      trips and don't even bring a map. Welllll, that's what
      you're saying.

      You're saying that you haven't a
      clue where the market's going so you'll just keep
      blindly plowing ahead and that that is the only way to
      invest and if you think otherwise then there's something
      wrong with your cranium.

      How much are you guys
      getting paid to pump this crap



      The market's only going to go up and there's no
      chance of there being any sort of correction so don't be


      Don't pay any heed to anybody that says it's going to
      rain because they're just a chicken


      Waiter!!!! I want what ever it is they're drinking as it'll
      make me forget my


      Oh, don't forget to forget your raincoat because
      you'll never need


      Looked up the word "Stupid" in the dictionary and found
      the words, "See the "Buy and Die


      Tech Wrecks only happen in your


      AnD you accuse me of being


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      • with your prediction but not the timing. It won�t happen in an election year but lookout 2001. It will be sudden and harsh and I hope to hell I can time it.


      • the most difficult of all virtues to achieve; nothing dies harder than the desire to think well of oneself."

        T.S. Eliot

      • I think it's fairly obvious that there is a
        growing bear population at the moment, but the bulls
        still clearly rule the market. Earnings are too strong
        (LU being an exception) and there is just too much
        money coming into the market on a daily basis (401k
        money, etc) to expect a sustained 12-15 week correction
        in today's market. I think another 10-15% correction
        is inevitable, largely because the NAZ recovered
        from it's correction much too quickly. Made it more of
        a dip than a healthy correction. It will take a
        dramatic event to see the trend turn downward though (i.e.
        another world economic crisis, interest rate hike higher
        than 50 basis points, etc.).

        IMHO, I think the
        NAZ should experience a correction down to about
        3000-3200, and that should about do it. That is a MASSIVE
        correction though. What made me start to think about it was
        as I cashed out of some of my holdings, I couldn't
        find much of anything in the tech sector that I felt
        was an adequate midterm investment. Banks sure look
        great though :-)

        Good luck to all. JMHO