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  • eleggoe eleggoe Feb 22, 2000 8:51 AM Flag

    VIA's purchase increase closed today

    Did you see the

    Looks obvious that at least some shares came from the
    treasury of authorized but not issued shares. So how many
    shares out now? What about our reciprical investment in
    VIA? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    • I can see how my comment was taken out of the context that it was intended......I'll try and be more thoughtful in giving guidance to the intent of my political comments.

    • Thanks to those of you with kind thoughts about
      ancient history. Bee, I appreciate your explanation, but
      I took your first volley as a personal attack. I
      can usually ignore those, but this one was a subject
      close to my heart.

      Apologies to those who are
      impatient with OTs. I sometimes get that way myself, yet I
      continue to learn from a few of them.

      nuf . . .

    • I was refering to the politicians, not your

      Nice to see that there are those that were there and
      are able to understand the wisdom of my words. As
      those that understand the truth are no longer in the
      thick of things..... those coming up the ladder have
      lost the perspective that the experienced ones

      There are those that didn't live those days and don't
      realize the make up of the minds that we're dealing

      The short of my comment was...."shit or get off the
      pot", I was trying to keep it clean. We've enter the
      final age of the Romans when instead to picking up the
      sword and using it..... we're trying to buy off our

      It all started when they wouldn't give Patton the
      gas to go to Moscow.

      As to the two
      carriers..........a two carrier task forces can do more than enough
      damage if they're given the chance to do what they were
      designed to do when doing the "Full Tilt Boogie" but our
      politicians aren't up to the mental task and won't let

      I personally am ashamed of what our country and
      government has become (a bunch of weak kneed sissies that
      are afraid of getting dirty)...... but it is my
      country so this is my cross to bare.

      My words were
      not intended to offend but make a statement about our
      government and how they, as representatives, are doing a
      major disservice to the people of this country and this
      constant diplomatic chatter is not going to end the Chi
      Coms aggressive behavior. They are going to build a
      deep water navy with ballistic missile submarines.
      They're going to build a nuclear missile delivery system
      and then when it's to their advantage.....the Chi
      Coms are going to use it against the United States of

      It's not a matter of if but a matter of
      when. I personally believe it's time to ask China if
      they want war and if not.....then stand down in Korea
      and leave Tiawan alone because we're recognizing
      Tiawan as an independent country that we're declaring a

      Hope the long version helps. Sorry for the offense.

    • No we do not forget.

      My Father transferred
      out of B29s(SOPAC)into Fighters(F80/86s if memory
      serves)in Korea before his final assignment at Travis back
      into 29s.

      One Bronze and One Silver...with

      Twenty-Six years worth...another 24 with AAFPRO as Air Force
      Representative at Plant #6.

      He is no longer here to
      receive my Respect and Gratitude for the sacrifices He
      made for America.

      In His place...I Thank You.

    • Same abismally low opinion of Military/Political intelligence, if you'll forgive an ol' Infantry (Americal Div) VietVet for using such words in the same context...(:>)--->Eagle.

    • "How soon we forget the ChiComs

      Forget?? I landed in Pusan 8/50; joined Company L, 7th
      Regiment, 1st Cavalry div. Moved across the 38th parallel
      several times; accumulated 8 battle stars and one bronze
      star. Left Korea 8/51 with all my body parts intact. I
      wrote my father from there complaining of the MacArthur
      dismissal, and he had my words published in the Detroit
      Times. On the line, and in battle, I lost enough of my
      friends to believe it needed to be finished. That was the
      time and the place to do it.

      No, Bee, I
      haven't forgotten the most MEMORABLE year in my long
      life. Nor have I forgotten the years that situation
      dragged on after I left, and the totally unsatisfactory
      conclusion that we still pay for.

      As for "...stop
      killing me with the B.S.", you might re-read #26382. I
      simply posed the question of what effect could two
      carriers posted off the coast of China have. I believe the
      Chinese would see it as a a meaningless

      nuf . . .

    • <EOM>

    • They both owe the mainland Chinese
      for the financial support of their
      If we elect or appear to be electing a man
      will put this country first and our allies
      than Clinton/Gore may be obligated to
      look the
      other way if China moves on Taiwan!
      I spent some
      time on patrol in the Formosa
      Straights during the
      height of the cold war.
      With the fierce love for
      freedom the Taiwanese
      people have and our full
      backing, China should
      continue to avoid invasion.


    • Sorry all, for continueing this OT subject... i
      just couldn't resist. I have been intensely interested
      in China for many years now, and i think you've got
      it all wrong Gunkinfluffle.

      Mainland China's
      recent flexing has next to nothing to do with who is
      president of the US.
      They are in deep doodoo with
      regards to the support of their own populace, and have to
      continually act tough and divert their people's attentions
      away from their own internal problems of corruption
      and pollution and growing discontent. Things are not
      going very well for them, actually.
      So the classic
      tactic for unpopular regimes is to make a big show of
      fighting something... anything. Falun gong cultists, those
      evil Tawainese, etc.

      Overall it makes for a
      very tense situation, and as the problems mount
      internally, the mainland regime may become more
      unpredictable, and perhaps violent. Hate to burst your bubble,
      but the present course the US administration is
      taking is actually the most prudent. If we instead make
      a big fuss over defending Taiwan when in reality
      the essential dynamics involve vastly different
      concerns, we will only make the problem much worse for all
      concerned, especially the Taiwanese.

    • This could make a lot of people happy.

      Gore and the Clintons are flying on Air Force
      Bill looks at Al, chuckles, and says, "You know, I
      throw a $100.00 bill out the window right now and

      make one person very happy."

      Al shrugs his
      stiff shoulders and says, "Well,
      I could throw ten
      $10.00 bills out the window and
      make 10 people very

      Hillary tosses her perfectly hair-sprayed hair
      says, "I could throw one hundred $1.00 bills
      out the
      window and make one hundred people

      Chelsea rolls her eyes, looks at all of them,
      says," I could throw all three of you out
      the window
      and make 250 million people happy."

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