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  • wiz3dfx wiz3dfx Mar 1, 2000 5:31 PM Flag

    J2! Haven't seen you

    since the assimilation! Your resistance to this
    board obviously proved futile. The collective, however,
    welcomes you back. ;-)

    Well, this pop was a nice
    surprise. Lets see if Potts and your nemesis schroeder
    actually know what they are doing. Obviously not smart
    enough to follow the Lehman plug with some more press.
    All eyes are on S3 right now and management isn't
    gracing its public with an audience. I guess they're all
    booked up with the instituional boys.

    pointed out it seemed odd that S3 was given outperform
    but sets a 100+% increase in stock price target.
    Agreed that its strange.

    I also want to know all
    the secrets that Lehman knows about S3.

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    • Don't need a pump yet.

    • What then, pump 'n dump?

      nuf . . .

    • maybe not long but certainly not short. LOL

    • Much of my positiveness comes from things that
      were part of Diamond. I was very negative about 2
      things about the acquisition, the price which was
      patently unfair and the graphics outlook for the combined
      entity which I thought to be horrible at least in the
      mid-term and which has proven to be even more horrible
      than I thought (this company lost a pant load of money
      from graphics operations the last quarter) although
      you can see some degree of improvement on the
      horizon. What has me very positive is that all the Diamond
      leading-edge businesses are doing very very well,
      is on track (although it is taking forever to get
      this IPO done) and finally there seems to be an exit
      strategy that makes sense from this graphics debacle. VIA
      needs the graphics business and the attendant
      intellectual property and by emphasizing integrated solutions
      they can even make it work. This not only sends the
      albatross packing it allows the remaining businesses to be
      as leading-edge with premium multiples
      instead of as part of a graphics commodity business that
      routinely gets its butt handed to itself.

    • thanks for all the info...have seen you posting since the dimd acquisition (where I assume you came over), but your posts sound decidedly much more positive these days.


    • post-takeunder, decided I needed a break from
      mesage board mania, but posted occasionally. Potts,
      although not a financial type, it seems to me, has a nose
      for the right financial moves. Schroeder is a
      disgrace to Harvard. You'll get some news out of the
      Robbie conference tonight.

      I don't think there
      are any secrets, it all seems pretty transparent.

      • 1 Reply to jonanne2
      • always secrets.

        What about S3 and Via
        hooking up, are there design wins are there other
        alliances in the works?

        What about NVDA and S3? Why
        did S3 drop its lawsuit and sign a cross-licensing
        deal. Everyone else can speculate, but Lehman

        What are S3's real strategic plans?

        Are there
        any real buyers interested in S3, maybe Transmeta
        looking for a PALM competitor or someone else besides

        All questions that the "typical" S3 shareholder can
        only speculate on.