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  • Rykaiser Rykaiser Oct 26, 2000 9:31 PM Flag

    Astronomic Loss

    I can't believe they lost so much
    According to KP at the last quarter conference
    call, Rio
    should become profitable if large
    number of units can
    be sold, the chip business
    should break even, and
    the professional graphics should be profitable. That
    leaves out
    home networking (which I guess was also
    supposed to be profitable, but I'm not sure),
    graphic cards. They made some investments,
    which are
    probably not counted in the loss.
    So where did they
    lose that much money?
    Graphic cards, certainly.
    But that could be
    so high? Add Frontpath. How
    much of the loss
    is from Frontpath? This will be
    an important
    factor for the market to decide
    which way to

    A massive selloff may well
    occur tomorrow
    morning. Could there be something at
    the CC
    which helps to break the free fall? I hope


    KP has been changing his business plans. He

    picks this, and that, and we don't know when
    S3 is
    going to become profitable. At the last
    CC I asked
    him when he expects S3 to become
    profitable, he
    said Q1 if graphic cards
    can be shut down in time.

    The loss is so much more than I expected.
    institutions must have had some ideas.
    On the other hand,
    there is no massive insiders
    selling lately. So the
    signal is unclear.

    If KP speaks like JWB
    tomorrow, all longs will
    be killed. A clear and
    convincing message is
    needed. But can the market be

    God bless you all longs.

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    • Ryk asks "So where did they lose that much

      Figure it out, lady. It's done on V O L U
      M E!

      Y'know, it's almost Halloween, and who
      is that double ugly face I see peering hungrily
      around the corner? Is it...Oh, no! It is, it's
      that mean ol' OTC BB trying to lure us in!

      man buy, then buy some more, keep this thing afloat
      rather than suffer such a fate. Hurry people, put your
      cash on the line and buy. Hey, mister, can you spare a
      dime? Yeah? Well, please put it on SIII to help us po
      wretches (and this billion dollar company) avoid the the

      nuf . . .