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  • drank2that drank2that Nov 3, 2001 1:16 AM Flag

    SBC miDDle manAGEment - Whasss Up?

    How many Project Manager's does it take to screw in a lightbulb? All of them - that's because it IS a - project, therefore everyone has a role no matter how insignificant...

    Tomorrow it will probably take more project managers to screw it in than it took today... Why, you may ask?
    Because that's what some manager's without real jobs get to do. And if we lose craft, we'll have some manager's with very little to manage.

    BTW, you lucky manager's who do remain can plan to be shuffled like a hand of cards because reorganiztion is also a result of cutbacks. So play like an ACE and get us out of the hole. Our future is in your hands.

    Hope you found this informative - if not terribly amusing. This Bud's for you! For all that you do...?