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  • gize4439 gize4439 Jul 7, 2002 12:15 PM Flag

    CNN accuses Bush of insider trading

    SEC has been asked to release documents relating to the case. Now it is getting exciting!This will make wcom a sideshow.

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    • You can slice it, dice it, toss it, or spin it in any direction you desire. You are equivalent to open ocean voyager in your mentality and ability to comprehend. If you can't understand what has been explained to you then you don't want to understand. You just want to argue, making no point at all. You are very good at twisting words, but you obviously lack wisdom. I suggest you look in your own mirror and look at your own ugliness and stupidity.

    • Just so I understand--criticism of Bush is a "vicious attack" equal to the World Trade Center bombing? And anyone who criticizes him or the US is a terrorist? And anyone who is not a US citizen is to be viewed with suspicion and fear? Is that your simplistic, ignorant point? If that is what you believe, you are not only unduly fearful of foreigners, you are completely paranoid. I think in the future you might look in the mirror to find the stupid one. And before you ask--yes, I am an American citizen and proud of it.

    • I like you and am not affronted
      by anything you say. You stimulate
      my thoughts and are a right good
      combatant. Believe me, I am not
      vicious...but do like to throw a few
      provative items in the ring.

      Untill later....nite all..

    • Main Entry: xe�no�phobe
      Pronunciation: 'ze-n&-"fOb, 'zE-
      Function: noun
      Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary
      Date: 1922
      : one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin
      Yes, I did have to look this one up and here is the definition of a xenophobe for everyone to see. One UNDULY fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin.
      I am not unduly fearful. If I were what you are so stupidly accusing me of being, you, I, and many others here would already have been taken to a prison for our writings. I do, however, have the right to respond in any manner I choose to what I think is right. There has been more than an exchange of ideas and just criticism on this board, there has been a vicious attack.....and I'm not just talking about what's published.....but vicious attacks. I will continue to respond in any manner I choose and you, with your wishful thinking, will not stop me. I don't have a "Love it or Leave it" mentality, but I do have a "if you're going to blow it up, get the hell out of here" mentality.

    • Well said. Thank you.

    • Hey, windyfrostt:

      Are you really a xenophobe (look it up) or are you just posing? Because I can't believe that any person with any sense would assume that just because someone criticizes Bush II, "The Scandal, the Sequel" (Congressional Hearings on a C-SPAN channel near you) that they must hate America or be un-American. What are you, fascist, Communist or what? Because those are the only systems that I know of that can't withstand dissent. Luckily for all of us--even you, with your ancient "Love it or Leave it" mentality--our Democracy can stand a little free thinking and discourse.

    • Then you should be old enough and wise enough to know that bull runs do not last forever and that the economy is in a constant state of change. Most seasoned traders knew the end was coming and started taking profits well ahead of the end. Those who thought it would go on forever lost a lot of money.

    • Agree with everything you say except
      it being the worst 8 years ever. What
      closet have you been in.

      The last 2 have not been too good, but
      the previous 8 were fantastic. Take
      it from one who is old enough to know.

    • If the shoe fits still haven't answered my question about being a US citizen. You are going after this president with a vengeance. You have a motive. When a president with such a high approval rating by the general US population is gone after as aggressively as you are going after can't help but wonder.

    • Agree, but your atatement will probably
      get you called a foreignor or a traitor.

      We can't be from this country if we use
      our minds, look at the facts, and even

      Still want to see real proof and not more
      of the same coverup.

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