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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Jul 8, 2002 4:33 PM Flag

    Gize is from Havanna, Cuba

    so I understand his hatred of President Bush. He is probably Fidel Castro in cognito. I understand Osama bin Ladin's hatred of Bush, and I understand the hatred of the entire Arab world against all Americans.....but I do not understand hatred of Americans against Americans.

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    • Castro doesn't do anything in good faith. He is a Communist. He is a liar by default. A 165gr bthp caliber .308 in the brain pan is all he would understand. The people that get on these boats could do it, if they just would. Otherwise, the world is waiting for us to do it. KLintoon had his chance when they shot the plane down in open waters. He didn't even cough. He had his chance in Yemen to take out the Al Quida with the boat attack. That was an outright attack on our military. I'm glad we have a man in office now instead of a weenie. We have to fight for our freedom, The Cubans could do it also. It just takes iron will. I guess 5lbs. of beans a month is enough to keep them in line.

    • From what I've read, if Castro would make some good faith moves towards his people, the word would spread quickly and things could turn around abruptly because they all seem to love their homeland, but couldn't endure what they were living in. It appears Castro no longer has the Soviet Union as a close ally and would like to make some changes. I believe those changes could happen quickly.....but it all is riding on Castro. The Cubans in Florida keep up with what's going on in Cuba and won't be fooled easily.

    • I do not hate Bush at all. I was just stunned when watchin cnn in my palace and learned about Harken. I think Bush is honest at heart just like most americans and look forward to improve relations with the US. Those trade sanctions need to be lifted and I want to visit the Grand Canyon, without having to look over my shoulder. Is that to much to ask?