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  • flip472000 flip472000 Jul 16, 2002 10:19 PM Flag

    Begging SBC,babybells to buy WCOM

    Wendy, Thanks for writing that, I just do not like typing much, but I was thinking that last nite and just did not want to go into it all again. To add to it all The average person today just does not know what it cost each and everyone of them to break up the system. I know you remember rates rose about double in a very short time because it now takes Many times the facilities and carriers to just carry local conversation due to Dac"s. If most people know how communications worked today versus 30 years ago with the routing and the high cost to get that done They would be speechless, but most people do not know how a communications systems works. I have sat down and drawn it on paper for folks who really wanted to know, and still they say, Oh it can't be like that. Last but not least the phones of today if you get 6 years out of them you are fortunate. The old equipment was made to last 50 years. I have two in my house that still work great and were made in 1939. Good luck