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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Jul 17, 2002 12:36 AM Flag

    Begging SBC,babybells to buy WCOM

    You are so very correct flip. The tragedy in all of this is that our public commissions, courts, judges, and regulators, congressional representatives, do not understand how it works either, and they make the rules. Most people think of telecom like they would the electric company. There's a line out there, just hook on a transformer and wind it down into my house. It is nothing like the electric company, the cable company, the water company, a computer company, or any other business. A good understanding of the telecom sector is needed. The people who make rules and regulations and judgments about this industry don't have a clue....if they did...their own decisions would scare them to death.
    Communications were of such vital concern during WWII that T and the rbocs were merged into one entity by the federal government for national security reasons. Most people do not understand that that is how they got that way in the first place. We are in a war now, and thank God the United States if not depending on WCOM to connect us. It is amazing that our government awarded contracts to WCOM......our own defense. Is that scary or what? The FAA did not award their contract to WCOM, but went with some company in Florida. I don't think they even understand that all major lines are connected through the rbocs and T. Those lines go down and every clec riding those lines goes down. I guess we would all like to feel those towers will just send and receive signals and protect our cellphone communications. They're just targets for storms, or something worse. Cellphones only work as long as the towers are standing. I know there's GPS, but something has got to receive those signals from space. Hopefully someone with some real power will get the message...but I doubt it.