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  • not_a_know_it_all not_a_know_it_all Sep 27, 2002 11:05 AM Flag

    FCC RULES-bias to CLECS

    Commission's Secretary, Office of the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission.

    Part 64 � Miscellaneous Rules Relating to Common Carriers � Addresses a broad range of common carrier issues.

    With a Heavy heart, knowing today another 10-11,000 JOB's were lost in SBC due to unfair REGULATIONS placed on encumbant RBOC's that are forced to sell services (Unbundeled Elements) to direct competitors where they can re-sell @ a profit. This is not competition. This is Substidy of Competitors that have no reason to invest/build/and maintain the network that our USA built as the best telecommunicartion network in the world.

    The FCC needs to force the CLECs to purchase services fron the RBOC's@ a fair price. The RBOC's notonly are forced to sell @ a discount, but the same RBOC Installer has to install and maintain that discounted service and the CLEC.s rake in the profits @ the RBOC's loss. The jobs lost this year and last are due to unfair rules that are in place today. Would you have FORD force GM to build their cars and restrict them to sell them to FORD @ a MAJOR discopunt only to resell them @ a profit. I think not. If Rules do not change the only way out is to sue the gvernment regulators that made these insane rules. The FCC has not created competition, but has caused the elimination of thousands of real jobs, and hindered the rollout of intellectual property like High speed internet service. Rules must be rolled back and FAIR pricing re-instated for the RBOC's as to keep the country working and prosperous. If action is not taken and quickly, the infrastructure of the Telecommunication as we know as the best in the world could crumble . It is a sad day when after 29 year n Telecommunications, rules that may have been made by the FCC, which only bias ATT Sprint and WLCOM and do not protect the RBOC's form those Carriers that only steal CLients from the lucritive areas, without again I say, any investment @ all.

    Thanks you for you time,

    Please fix this mess you have got us into..

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    • The Fcc makes rules based upon the Supreme Court and the current laws of the land. The Bell companies fought hard for the 1996 telco act. They paid for its passage. The act requires the ILEC to set UNE-p rates according to TELRIC. The TELRIC pricing model was just upheld by the highest court in the land. Clecs spent and mostly failed to compete against the monopoly, and the bells seemed reluctant to become clecs and compete against eachother. The markets crashed, Clec funding went poof most vanished. After 75 billion spent on dslams ,switches,software,sales, and marketing and paying extreemely high UNE-p rates the competition ceased to exsist. Many Jobs were lost Including jobs at ATT, FON,WCOM. Each state also sets rates(puc,psc). For some odd reason in every states rates have been coming down. The ILECs have failed in all 50 states to prevent wholesale rates from being lowered. To even the playing field between telecom and cable the fcc should regulate phone service and internet cable service. There should be some requirement to allow companies to lease parts of the cable lines. Since BOCS have wireless carriers and wholesale divisions the revenue lost to competition in region could easily be made up out of region as a clec. SBC telecom operates outside the 13 states and is doing quite well. wasting cash paying execs 20 million per year and lobbying congress every month is a waste of time and money. You wanted the telco act so you could get 271 entry. You got what you fought for now start competing and stop blaming the defunct clecs and ixcs for all your trouble. You have a decisive advantage so use it.

    • SBC brought this mess upon themselves. They wrote the Telecom Act of 1996, along with the other RBOCs in Newt Gingrinch's office. They paid off the senators and congressmen in both parties who about unanimously signed off on the legislation. They killed LD and DSL, now they want relief from what? Oversight? Is there anyone with any guts and principles in this country? Yes, we left telecom for good long before the people that grabbed the ball fumbled it.

    • You're 100% correct. It's an unfair situation. Moreover, cable companies don't have to share their lines. They have the only true monopoly in telcom.

      BTW - Whitacre and his entire cadre need to go before they wreck the company. They're nothing but a bunch of spineless, bumbling idiots who would rather screw ALL their employees than take any kind of hit themselves. There has been absolutely NO mention that Mr. Whitacre or anyone toward the top are voluntarily taking any kind of pay cut or in any way absorbing some of the financial burden.

      Too bad everyone doesn't realize the company could run itself better without them. People are not incented to take risks or stand out in any way. Everyone is paid the same, salary increases are nearly identical across the board and there is no individual component of the bonus structure. SBC upper management absolutely sucks and couldn't manage its way out of a paper bag.

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      • You obviously didn't get the root of the problem. All rboc ceo's have been fighting this thing for years. Ruled against everytime. Check into the bills in congress and the people who make the rules that got us into this mess. WCOM was smiles upon, the rbocs were wrecked. Have you even bothered to get in touch with your congressional representatives or the senate telecommunications committee who lays down these laws? Before you pass judgment, be sure you know where the problem is.