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  • b2u_today b2u_today May 10, 2003 8:21 PM Flag

    SBC = Liars and Conmen

    Their commercials are full of BS on this issue. They get the Democratic hacks in Springfield to give them a monopoly. Politics in Illinois are a joke.

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    • Prove it to us. Show us a link to your info.

    • If you think there was any wrong doing, ask for an investigation. If you don't stop the whinning !!!!!!!! The clecs are the corrupt ones, if you raise the wholesale rates, instead of making 56% profit, we'll only make 28% profit, we can't do business anymore....we'll have to raise our rates..... who's corrupt now CLEC's

    • Why did SBC say that earnings went up when in reality they plummeted? Corrupt as hell if you ask me.

    • Everybody knows that the SBC numbers in the press release were totally bogus.

    • From their most recent earnings report:
      Operating revenues__$ 10,333 $ 10,522 (1.8)%
      Operating expenses__$ 8,435 8,340 1.1
      Operating income__$1,898 2,182 (13.0)

      If operating Revenue fell 2% and operating expenses went up 1% and operating income went DOWN 13%, than how did SBC make everybody think that their earnings went UP as they said in their press release?

      Is this company as corrupt as Qwest?

    • "You better plan on making less and working alittle for it now. It may take alittle work from now on, since either your gonna be making less or what customers you have left will be paying double to keep your shit service. LOL Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Your toast!! "

      1. You are still working on your GED. "Your toast"????

      2. You are a socialist who can find a job unless your union gives you one.

      3. You have trouble communicating:

      "Eitherway, HALF the money you rummys make, WILL NOW be going back to SBC and you freeloaders are once again on the outside looking in with big horse turd tears and wondering how can this be. We do no work, we buy no cable, we buy nothing and we had a big con game running for along time. Your just gonna have to find a real job bucko."

      Sounds like you make $0.07/hour.

      4. SBC has shit for service which is why they had to pay off the Democrats to pass the bill last week. SBC said the same thing in Kansas...then proceeded to cut jobs. Maybe yours is next.

    • Bill McGowen was a great leader. I don't think MCI was ever the same after he left. I know the transmission quality at Worldcon suffered from the merger with MCI, but I had already left telecom by then. Even with a lousey business model and incompetent management at Starnet, our transmission quality was second to none in LD. We had the first nationwide digital network, even before Sprint. I planned the conversion from FGA to FGB on an IBM XT spreadsheet in the mid 1980's for the west coast at Starnet. That was a lot of fun with all the coverage changes occurring with regularity at Pac Bell and all the switch cutovers and upgrades at Starnet and the lost and delayed circuit orders at Pac Bell. Some of those salesman scams you might have heard about at MCI/Worldcon were occurring at Starnet while I was there. How in the world a commission scheme can be based on a sales booking and not be reviewed when the order gets cancelled I'll never understand.

    • Well, Clec, pride does go before the fall of man, and ATT should know because I come from a time when T ruled the entire roost and didn't care who liked it. I would never have thought the day would come when a silly little company like MCI, who come to be known as MCI Worldcom, a pack of thieves at least, could bring the big mamma to her knees. It took a long time to get it done, but it happened. Whether clecs will be here for a long time or not...well at this point...I would never say never cause things do change, when we least expect it.

    • >Politics in Illinois are a joke.

      Actually, Illinois has the most sophisticated politics in the country. The infamous Chicago "Machine" (put together by Richard J. Daley, father to both the current mayor Richard M., and SBC President William) is without peer in turning out votes, even today. Other areas are bellweather signposts for middle America (e.g., "Will it play in Peoria?") From Richard Daley to Harold Washington to Phyllis Schlafley, Illinois politics functions on a higher plane than most areas.

    • pride cometh before a fall santaballs,many have said the same things you are saying,but since it's coming from a mere man,who is like a flower,here today gone tommorrow, I heed not negative words from you,clecs will be here always homey!

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