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  • duckhunter54 duckhunter54 Apr 28, 2004 8:06 AM Flag

    What is the Union asking for anyway?

    The company offer, as I understand is;
    0 % raise the first year
    2% raise each of the other two years
    3% cash bonus,if there is no strike Increase co-pay from 15 to $40.00 per visit

    But what is the union asking for?

    Seems like members need to know the difference to determine if a strike is in their best interest.

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    • You're getting bad info.
      Members were offered a raise in every year.
      Copay increase was neglible, particularly if you take care of yourself and don't go to the doc much. Still dont' have to pay insurance premiums.
      What is union asking for? They're still stuck on retirees and don't give a rat's butt about you who are still paying dues. Tell your local presidents and district officers to get this deal done. You don't care about the little show they plan on making at the shareholder meeting with the mental giant called Jerry Springer. You want a contract, take the company proposal, shut up and get back to work.

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      • Seems you're getting bad info brother!
        You wrote "members were offered a raise in every year." Not true! The first year is a lump sum payment not to be carried over to future years. That is not a raise, it's called a bonus. In fact by the time the year two actual raise kicks in it will have been over 2 1/2 years since the previous raise.
        You also wrote "Copay increase was neglible, particularly if you take care of yourself and don't go the doc much" Apparently, you do not have small children and also take you're health for granted. Many of our members are single parents who already are stretched with day care and other expenses. Bottom line is the company is doing very well as shown by the officers massive pay increases last year alone.
        Just setting the FACTS as you call it straight!

      • Boy are you full of piss and vinegar

        If your truely a CWA member, then you should know that there are excellent mental health benefits that have been negotiated. Perhaps you should check them out. It may help you feel better

    • Certain title upgrades
      Wage/pension increases
      preserve current healthcare
      Job security/stop outsourcing
      Elminate the movement of jobs to management titles or outside the bargaining unit
      Change "continuous service" to net credited service (that was mine, refers to serverance)
      Improve scheduling language
      and many more, you can find on the bargaining reports....