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  • mysteryman9999990 mysteryman9999990 May 18, 2004 4:20 PM Flag


    If what you say is true that 15 to 20% are going to cross the line. What is to prevent someone from voting yes for a strike and knowing the whole they will be crossing the picket line for the overtime? Making both statements true.

    Yes people think like that, that is why they are called SCABS. We had a scab in our office that could not wait for a strike so it could work 12 hour days.

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    • But what about the people who don't think like that? Not everyone's situation is the same... what you are doing is stereotyping... Are you going to help out the people who can't get by long without working? Are you going to feed their kids? All I'm saying is it isn't fair to judge...

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      • has anyone thought that you only strike an average of about 8 hours per week, and you can get a part time job while you are striking, and working for a union, you knew there was a possible strike, and you didn't place any money in saving? its going to hurt me tooo, but I planned ahead and have at least 3 weeks in saving and checking out the classifieds for a part time job to help pay the bills till we get back to work full time. there are options.!!!!