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  • cencoastsurfer cencoastsurfer May 26, 2004 1:56 PM Flag

    MCI Shows World's Fastest IP Net Connec

    MCI would need to come up with new technology. Having just come out of Chapter 11, and having lied to dump all it's debt, and after having the largest bankruptcy and layoffs in World History, they need a boost. I wonder if the rbocs are still trying to sue MCI for all the lost revenue? I thought that MIC (worldcom) owed SBC about 6 billion? For all the back payments on the pipes for 3 years?

    Bernie Ebbers, the "captian of that ship" during it's massive fraud, is responsible for the telecom industry laying off 750,000 workers. How would you like to be responsible for 30% of the jobs lost during the market downturn? When will they take Bernie away in handcuffs?