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  • betterbelieveit betterbelieveit May 6, 2005 8:50 PM Flag

    Kevin Martin

    What a Country! 14 years ago the said ATT was a Monopoly! So here we have SBC comunication A compnay that thinks it can do no WRONG! I will fiel a claim that The FCC has failed to do its job and do exactly what it was designed to do to make a competitive market in the USA! SBC is Monopoly! Thank YOu Texas! SBC will be destoryed Wirless and above! I will make this my lifetime Goal!
    So tired of ATT wireless customers Suffering disconnects. I will take this to my heart and Show that SBC is not in the Genuine interests of the customer!

    Trust Me!

    If you want to talk to me Leave your email address or anything in response to this message!

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