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  • early_nyugen early_nyugen Jun 30, 2002 6:48 PM Flag

    Deleted Message

    today is because I haven't posted yet, until now. The mere fact that I would take time out on this fine Sunday day of rest to make my presence known should thrill most who read this board. I have become more famous than Elvis on this board, and a lot better looking, by the way.

    Yet I'm not looking for compliments on my good looks nor taking the time to post this Sunday. What I deserve credit for is helping "rationalized" stock holders get out of this loser before it drains every cent of wealth they have.

    SBC headed down, down, down. You know I'm right.

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    • Thank you for gracing us with your postings today early and we are all impressed that you have Elvis qualities....I know I am. The fact that you are short this stock, I'm sure in way, is driving your postings. By the way, can you sing like Elvis? Well, you could just drive this board absolutely crazy and we would all just follow you, shorting SBC, and all have a Blue Blue Christmas.