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  • walkerweb2 walkerweb2 Nov 30, 2005 12:35 AM Flag

    SBC dumb as hell

    WiFi and hard wired broadband can even be carried on existing power lines, it is being done for the entire town of Princeton, with no modifications to the power equipment. This alone will render SBC's network obsolete very soon. Technology is changing, and SBC is way behind it. The last mile of wire, that connection that the bells had you tied to, is being rendered obsolete as I type this. This company is being led by a stupid old man determined to drive it into the ground.

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    • Be careful who you call dumb ... it just may cause you to look in the mirror after you read this.....

      ************ FIBER rules .. & Rules & Rules.**********************

      have you ever tried to get satellite internet?
      ****** Latency ****** makes it undisirable ...
      too many long slow hops in the communication bridge. 120 ms to 700 normal...500 miles out and 500 miles back... Forget VOIP with this. Regular SAT internet is slow as ISDN but higher MS in hops. Forget real time and interactive gaming.

      Have you ever pinged across a DS3 pipe or bigger cross country ??? with less than 2-3 Millisecs ??? I do regulary !!! How.. FIBER point to point.

      Now think how many transformers their are to hop around with routers ?????? from point to point to point....

      HENCE: SBC and Verizon bought At& T and MCI respectfully...... DUMB right? WRONG...

      IF I were you I would retract SBC being dumb...

      Now ... You could rightfully, in my view, call "BIG Eddy Whitacre" Greedy like old man Potter...

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      • By: lancair6p
        Date: 11/30/05 10:03 am

        Have you ever pinged across a DS3 pipe or bigger cross country ??? with less than 2-3 Millisecs ??? I do regulary !!!
        On a straight shot, it is indeed fast. What will slow it down is when it goes through switches or routers. If you hit 8 or more routers to get from here to there, you will start having a delay problem. The old AT&T system set routing by a computer program and I some times had to change the routing to cut out some routers. A circuit from Atlanta to N. Y. might go to Dallas, Pheonix, L. A., Denver, Chicago, Cincinatti and then N. Y. Many customers did not notice because the delay was almost non-existant.

    • I agree, dying company buys dead company, obsolete, unimportant, the company doesn't matter, even the stupid new deal, great I pay more for my cell phon eto go to my home phone!

    • By: walkerweb2
      "...with no modifications to the power equipment."
      Mr. Dumbass, how do you think that this broadband travels? No modification? You obviously have no clue how it works. I bet you think you can just plug into an outlet and surf the web. NOPE! By the way, why are you so concerned? It's not your money, Ed just did'nt write a check, it had to be approved by the board. Is Verizion just as stupid for buying MCI, besides the inflated price? Are you ranting on that board?
      Sounds like another hater

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      • things don't add up. 42 bil for ameritech, 41 bil actually 24 bil for at&t wireless, 16 bil for at&t, plus what they pid for pacbell and snet all adds up to a market value of 80 bil? Subtraction by addition. Oh I forgot about the 600 mil they paid for "Prodigy". But that was to help out "Slim".

      • Sounds like another hater >>>>>>>>>>>>

        scared competitor, symiegold. It's to be expected. We've had numerous conversations and posts on this board in the past about BPL and how SBC, now T, would be involved if it proved profitable, but even the FCC has backed away for most of the problems we've already discussed on this board.

    • Dumbest? May be smartest. How is it that SBC bought all the territory they have? Everyone thought buying Pacbell, Ameritech, and SNET were bad moves... The end result now is SBC territory that transports traffic/calls from Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Asia...A mere coincidence? I think not!

      Do you think that the data, and/or voice traffic is going to just skip over us?

      Now with at&t, we control the world.

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      • All they get from AT&T is the backbone network, the last mile is what is being rendered obsolete, and this is where they had customers and competitors by the balls. It just doesn't seem like this buy was wise at all considering the emergence of wireless broadband, which eliminates SBC's stranglehold, and the general discontent that most of the consumers have with both SBC and ATT. Another thing that seems be getting overlooked is that most AT&T customers (in the midwest at least) are former unhappy SBC customers. Whats happens to all those millions of phone lines? You can't really think they aren't going to switch to a McLeod or XO. They know what SBC's service is like. The only real benefit to either of these companies are the thousands of now redundant techs and employees they will be able to get rid of. Go ahead, invest in SBC if ya have money to throw away, but is't extremely foolish to invest in backwards technology.