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  • eternal_0ptimist eternal_0ptimist Nov 1, 1999 9:47 AM Flag

    Theory only.

    Could it be that the after hours trades were
    intended to boost the closing price so as to hoodwink
    investors to believe that SBC will open DOWN today.

    The NYSE close was under 51. Since the stock closing
    price was "Moved" up to almost 53, any open betweent he
    two will look like SBC is selling off. A lot of
    Mutuals need to load up. Any trick is permissible to
    them. Gotta stop those individual investors from buying
    and driving UP the price before the MF's load up.

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    • I've been reading the posts for a few week now
      and have generally learned some useful

      I'd like to share what probably will be considered
      "hearsay", but my source is a respected member of the San
      Antonio community, a personal friend, and a SBC

      He told me that SBC "Execs" (friends of his) are
      very upbeat about the company because of "solid
      fundamentals", strong "financials" as well as a remarkable
      vision for the company. "Just need to be patient for a
      while longer until the AMERITECH activities have
      completed themselves" is what I have been told.

      Many of these "Execs" are in their 50's who are
      looking forward to an exciting future. So if there is any
      truth to what I've shared, I also remain long on SBC.

    • At first I thought you were a fun act. Now I
      realize it's no act. You really believe we should be
      interested in your "family" history, your vacation, family
      members weddings and other mind numbing blather while you
      castigate others for not being on topic.
      Textel was a
      fun act. Some of the time he was serious but he knew
      and we knew when he was winging it for effect. He
      kept the board fun without trying to be,"THE BOARD".
      I'm sorry to see him leave but I can understand why
      he went elsewhere.

    • Marvin, if providing two-way video communication is the future then AT&T will be there first. There acquisitions of MediaOne and TCI will ensure this.

    • Thanks for leaving. Your name calling has been upsetting even though your other more businesslike posts were interesting.

    • What message was it that made Jews unwelcome? I have not seen one. Could you point it out for us?

    • Due to heavy overtime in the last quarter due to project Pronto and the conversion of all litespan's from 6.0 to 8.0. Each litespan will take appox 4 to 6 hrs to upgrade.

    • time charges. There will be charges against the
      merger. There always are. The question is when will the
      street recognise that the merger is a GOOD thing and
      pust our P/E up to where it needs to be for a company
      this dynamic.

      So far, today, there is continued
      Round about 10:00 AM Pacific time, this stock will make
      up its mind about which way it want to go, and then
      it will move that way.

      Back to the dance. One
      step or three step?

    • welcome back. Maybe they are really selling out and going elsewhere.

      Only a thought.

    • What are the chances of this board seeing 24
      consecutive hours of posts confined to business
      First personal post loses. And poster should be scalded
      by all forced to read the claptrap.

      My take
      is pretty simple. $2.50 earnings in 2000 with a
      25-27 P/E. So we should be anywhere between $62.50 and
      $67.50. But, someone has to be out beating the SBC drum.

    • Phew! thought a voice of reason bit the dust. Now that your back perhaps this message board will have some balance.

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