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  • jcbrowns jcbrowns Jul 26, 2007 11:00 PM Flag


    The financing looks assured to me:

    "Section 5.7. Financing.

    Parent has delivered to the Company true and complete copies of

    (i) the executed commitment letters, dated as of the date hereof, among Parent, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Deutsche Bank AG New York Branch, Wachovia Capital Markets, LLC, Wachovia Bank, National Association and Wachovia Investment Holdings, LLC (collectively, the �Debt Financing Commitments�), pursuant to which the lenders party thereto committed, subject to the terms thereof, to lend the debt amounts set forth therein (the �Debt Financing�), and

    (ii) the executed equity commitment letters, dated as of the date hereof, from affiliates of Fortress Investment Group LLC and Centerbridge Partners, L.P. (collectively, (the �Equity Financing Commitments� and, together with the Debt Financing Commitments, the �Financing Commitments�), pursuant to which such parties have committed, subject to the terms thereof, to invest the cash amounts set forth therein (the �Equity Financing� and, together with the Debt Financing, the �Financing�). The Financing Commitments are in full force and effect, are legal, valid and binding obligations of Parent and, to the knowledge of Parent, the other parties thereto, and the Company is a third party beneficiary of the Equity Financing Commitments.

    Under the Equity Financing Commitments, each of the parties thereto has guaranteed to the Company the payment of certain obligations specified therein (the �Limited Guarantee Provisions�). The Limited Guarantee Provisions are in full force and effect and are legal, valid and binding obligations of the parties thereto and are enforceable in accordance with their terms by the parties thereto and by the Company as a third party beneficiary thereof.

    None of the Financing Commitments has been or will be amended or modified, except as consistent with Section 7.9(c), and the respective commitments contained in the Financing Commitments have not been withdrawn or rescinded in any respect as of the date hereof.

    As of the date of this Agreement, no event has occurred or circumstance exists which, with or without notice, lapse of time or both, would constitute a default or breach on the part of Parent or Merger Sub under any Financing Commitment and subject to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Sections 8.1 and 8.2 hereof, neither Parent nor Merger Sub has any reason to believe that it will be unable to satisfy on a timely basis any term or condition of closing to be satisfied by it in any of the Financing Commitments on or prior to the Closing Date.

    The funds contemplated to be provided by the Financing Commitments would be sufficient to enable Parent to make or cause to be made payments of the Merger Consideration as provided herein (including for the Company Options as provided herein), all other necessary payments by it, Merger Sub or the Surviving Corporation in connection with the Merger (including the repurchase or repayment of outstanding indebtedness of the Surviving Corporation) and all of the related fees and expenses.

    There are no conditions precedent or other contingencies to the funding of the Financing other than as set forth in the Financing Commitments. There are no side letters or other agreements, contracts or arrangements related to the funding or investing, as applicable, of the full amount of the Debt Financing other than as expressly set forth in the Debt Financing Commitments and delivered to the Company prior to the date hereof.

    As of the date hereof, Parent or Merger Sub has fully paid, or caused to be fully paid, any and all commitment fees which are due and payable with respect to the Debt Financing Commitments."

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