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  • joel_corley joel_corley Jun 2, 2009 12:59 PM Flag

    BAC 'premium' Funny, BAC Offer Rapes IPO Buyers


    You wrote, "Clowns here trying to deceive readers. BAC offer is shameful. "

    Do you have any facts to support these opinions? Or do you just enjoy spewing vitriol everywhere you go?

    Also, "Low market price of BAC preferreds reflects what crap BAC preferreds actually are."

    Now we've already been through this exercise. Must we repeat it?

    If the market is so smart, why is it so often wrong?

    No, a low price indicates that the market at the moment *** thinks *** the stock is crap. The market price is based on limited information and emotional and irrational responses. If the market really knew everything there was to know about a stock, there would be very little volatility in its price - it would only occasionally change price as major fundamental events occurred that changed the issue's future prospects - it wouldn't change based solely on rumors.

    Claiming that the stock is crap because the price is low is circular logic ... which is always illogical. Your statement is asking us to believe a statement such as this - "The price is low because the preferred is nearly worthless (crap); but the preferred is nearly worthless (crap) because the stock price is low." If you can't see the problem with that statement, I'm clearly not going to be able to convince you of anything using a logical, rational argument.

    Finally let's revisit your statement, "Clowns here trying to deceive readers."

    - Joel

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