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  • valueguy66 valueguy66 Aug 25, 2011 9:32 AM Flag

    Not that it matters anymore since

    Buffet came in but the WSJ has a article today on BAC debt. The jist was that it was a good buy including the preferreds of BAC. However they said to steer clear of the countrywide Trups because there is a very remote chance they could put this sub into bankruptcy. I guess they did not do their homework because the Countrywide preferreds are guaranteed by BAC.These reporters never can get it right..

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    • So often we read incorrect info. Other day read a piece on a stock ohi that they said had paid divi's since 1995 - They were wrong - they didn't notice the few years that they skipped them.
      We all did a lot of research back when BAC redid the CFC pfds. Why they didn't change the name instead of just adding "NEW" to the name is beyond me. I guess I should be happy that it allows me to buy CFC pfds often at a better price then the BAC pfds.

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