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Countrywide Capital V (New) 7.0 Message Board

  • 7 % yield guaranteed by BOA.. What is not to like here ? May take a hit when rates rise but who cares if you hold forever. Any more to this security ?

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    • The only risk I see to this issue (it's a trust preferred stock) is if B of A gets weary of the constant regulator attack on the former Countrywide problems and spins the whole mess into a separate entity that goes bankrupt. If they did that this issue would most likely no longer pay the dividend and become mostly worthless. I bought this stock in 2006 when it was issued and rode it down to single digits during the great recession and through the B of A acquisition. Note that B of A called all but one of their BAC trust preferred securities when they were no longer allowed use them as part of their capitalization due to new financial regulations B of A did not call the ones from CFC nor Merrill. They have never missed a CFC-PB payment although I think one was delayed during the crisis in a dispute with the bank handling the CFC dividends.
      Call price is $25 plus accrued dividends. If you hold it to maturity (these are like bonds) it;s also $25 pay back.

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